Thursday, January 4, 2007

January 4 afternoon

Corey Reuben Cooper pled guilty to robbing jewelry stores. His accomplice, Brian O'Neal, was caught when Baltimore policeman David A. Williamson admitted taking some of the nearly $1 million in jewelry from Cooper during a traffic stop. Williamson resigned after his wife was caught trying to pawn the loot.

A Howard County Circuit Court judge denied the request to move Monti Mantrice Fleming,15 and accused of fatally shooting a Columbia teenager last year, to a juvenile facility.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Kevin Parker, 24, of the 1300 block of Poplar Grove for first-degree murder. Court documents allege on September 28 Parker and another person, armed with handguns entered a dwelling in the 1200 block of N. Dukeland Street. Parker believed an individual in the dwelling was responsible for a robbery that occurred on Winchester Street earlier the same day. A struggle over a handgun ensued between Parker and Sultan Mathews-Bey. Sultan Mathews-Bey was fatally shot in the head (204 of 2006). An arraignment is scheduled for January 31, 2007.

PGC police shot a minivan-theft suspect, closing down BW Parkway near Hyattsville.

Murdered Chidibere Ochulo had taken out two restraining orders against her husband before he killed her. She "told court officials that they were trying to work out their problems."

Germantown perv Brian Champange got 16 years for his stash of 7,600 child porn images, and sending nudie pix to a minor.
And, former NIH researcher Dr. McClellan Walther pled guilty to ordering videos from a child porn catalog sent by federal agents.


John Galt said...

Here are the (partial) crime logs in the Northern for two other weeks of the Messenger.

John Galt said...

As to the 'Truckin'" poll, I'd be interested to see if the Go people and the Stay people live in qualitatively distinct parts of town, as in Baltimore A - Baltimore B.

Durham St said...

Did you find out if the head shots N of Pattern Park were one or two?

HoCoJoe said...

There's a problem with the Truckin poll, there should be a choice of "Already left". But then I've made my position clear. BTW Our Murder rate for last year was the same as the year before (total of 4), and still under the 5 year average (?4.3?). So come on out to the county where you can live without fearing for your life.

- Just a Joe in HoCo

Maurice Bradbury said...

yeah, you're right, Joe.
Any suggestions for the next poll? No, Durham, I never found out... anyone care to call the SE?

John Galt said...

Next poll - Which local politician should be tar'd 'n feather'd first for allowing the administration to enable this much crime to persist here when it's so very preventable.

Unknown said...

I'm curious...what the hell is the coke dealer accomplice theory?

Someone please clue me in on this