Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 10

crack pipeIt's life without parole for Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff for two murders in Queens. McGriff is "credited" with bringing crack to Baltimore from Queens in the 80's, and doing plenty of money laundering in our fair city.

Baltimoreans stole jewelry, CDs, sunglasses, a pool cue, a DVD player, a VCR, a bunch of TVs, a Mazda, tools, a sleeping bag, a Chevy Caprice, a chainsaw, watches, coins, computers, a handgun, a Cadillac and good old-fashioned cash to feed their starving families.*

The Long family settled a civil suit with the city for $100,000. Homer Long died of a heart attck whilst in police custody in 2003.

The precedent for finding abuse or neglect of a minor child in a custody case has just been upped by the CSA from "reasonable grounds to believe" to "preponderance of the evidence."

oldladywhiteAnother wig lady! Though two bitches are in jail, there's now word of a third scammer who pickpockets checks and ID's from middle-aged women, then dons the appropriate wig to impersonate them and withdraw money from the victim's account. So warn your moms!

devilSpeaking of swindlers, Mark E. Phillips, alias Mark Le Roy Aaron, will spend 121 months in the can and has to pay restitution of $688k. Phillips bilked investors, including his own elderly parents, into "investing" cash money in his "company" which he then day-traded away or spent on himself, all the while sending out phony monthly statements and even fake tax forms. He also opened a credit card account in his dad's name and bought a hot tub, among other crap. No worries jerky, it'll be plenty hot where you're going (by which we mean the men's showers in the pen, then the flames of hell).

No Frednecks need apply: "In office barely a month, Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler has ousted the state's independent monitor of juvenile detention programs and replaced her with a politically connected lawyer from his home county of Montgomery."

"But Mommy, this necklace is really heavy!"
The health department issued notices to three city stores selling lead jewelry for kids.

* We're working on getting opinions from local "moral authorities" on this question. If you know (or are) a reasonably articulate priest, rabbi, ethicist, Mormon missionary, imam, etc. who would care to weigh in with a "professional opinion," please write care of the address at the bottom of your screen before next Friday.


Anonymous said...

I would cry outrage two over that patently political appointment which Gansler just pulled... But the voters knew he was a hot dog back in November. Let them reap what they sow for the next four years.

Do you all think we'll break 300 murders this year? I'm thinking yes.

burgersub said...

why do you think that? the first couple weeks of the year are always really bad. we've now had only one murder in like the past week. i think it'll just stay the same again, like it has the last few years, give or take a number in the single digits.

John Galt said...

Regarding the Rec Center where the coach was gunned down, it's just up the street in Pen Lucy off the Greenmount corridor.

Now, didn't the Mayor & Police Commissioner say they were planning to address the outrageous crime in this town by having more Rec Centers ???

I guess the strategy was to make it safe for us citizens by exhausting all the hoodie boys' ammo on the coaching staff.

I feel sssooo much safer.


Maurice Bradbury said...

Yeah, one murder this week, weird, huh?
It kind of creeps me out, people gunning (so to speak) to beat a murder record, like it was Satan's horse race or something. Somebody commented last week that s/he hopes we have a lot of murders so people will finally pay attention and do something.
First of all, you're sick.
Second, we topped 300 many times during the Schmoke administration, but nobody cared.
And third, in 2004 there were an 'official' 269 murders-- but 341 "unclassified" deaths, which makes me think we've been topping 300 -- sheeit, we may even be topping 600-- all along.

Anonymous said...

Haven't murders in Baltimore been going up over the past two years anyway?

I don't think things are going to change here period until a lot of incumbents get das boot and some fresh faces move into city politics.

Unknown said...

Why wouldn't we reach 300? it is completely possible, and we are completely capable of it.

"Baltimore: Get out of It" should be our slogan

no, scratch that, make it "Baltimore: get out of it alive"

Unknown said...

And yes it is a disgrace someone would want more murders... I know of at least 2 people I knew who were killed here in 2006, 2 I knew in 2005, and I'm fucking sick of funerals. i can't stand to go to another one.

I'm really fucking sick of what goes on here like buisness as usual.

But with what we have for leadership, what the hell can we expect? More of the same stuff, and the same empty excuses and promises.

i wish I could let Sheila and Lenny live in say Harwood or maybe zip 21215 for a month without their security detail and see if their stupid asses don't make some real changes that work.

Sheila, if you want a semi bad neighborhood, I'd be glad to let you or Lenny shack at my house for a month and see how you feel after being mugged or just scared as hell a couple times.

Anonymous said...

Liz's idea for Oh Sheila and Hammbone remind me of the idea that if you injected the world's ten wealthiest people with AIDS that we'd have a cure within a year.

What you've mentioned here is the basic problem with long standing incumbents in Baltimore. Once a politician has gotten comfortable enough with being our representative and stops being a citizen of the city, we've lost our point of contact with power. And it isn't like our city is particularly good with electing or keeping good representatives - how many people in office here now have been in their positions for more than four years?
Check the maryland state archives online and you'd be surprised.

If there's any good to be had from the upcoming mayoral election (even if 'Oh Sheila' gets the push for another four years) its this: A number of incumbents here in baltimore are going to lose their jobs going for the position which may lead to fresh blood coming into power. Hopefully, this leadership will be mindful of the true state of affairs in our city and not stick their head in the ground as our past three mayors have (dixon, o'm, schmoke).

Liz, you should make a play for council... I'd be your campaign manager!

SUPREME said...

"Liz, you should make a play for council..."

Liz dont do it!!! they will run you down like they did that news reporter... Sade Baderinwa

Maurice Bradbury said...

Adam "Techbalt" Meister is running for the 11th (Keiffer's old seat). He'd be great.

John Galt said...

Mr. Meister has an exceptionally oversimplified concept of the problems in Baltimore. He'd be a disaster. He'd need to live it first. In the other Baltimore.

Jesus, I'm pissed off.

My house was (attempted) broken into. The dispatcher set up a responding officer who didn't agree with the dispatch, and referred it to another post, who didn't show or didn't stop. (they do that, the driveby thing) The dispatcher then announced that the call had been improperly characterized by the first dispatcher and stated that it was to be handled as a 'vandalism' call. I explained that the door frame had been smashed to bits and the deadbolt was just barely keeping it shut to casual entry. Doesn't matter. 'We consider that just like spray paint.' Jesus H. Christ, what a f#@king incompetent government. And they keep attending meetings claiming that the only thing wrong in Balto. City is that they get insufficient cooperation from citizens. Then they try to sign you up for a citizen watch number, while neighbors report extensive retaliation. Not enough cooperation?

>>>>Gee, I wonder why ????<<<<

Stupid motherf#@kers.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Meister a diseister?
He went to my high school, so I'm endorsing him.
I am a Baltimorean, after all!
(And Quakers do it til everybody reaches consensus!)

Anonymous said...

Cy, I went to the Barnes and Noble today to pick up some books and saw yours - it made me smile!

John Galt said...

A Quaker's home was in the process of being robbed. The quaker proceeded downstairs, and said to the robber, "Friend, I mean thee no harm, but thou art standing where I am about to shoot".

Maurice Bradbury said...

Terrorists should do us a favor and cut the power lines to Hopkins Hospital.* Just joking, ha. ha.

*And blow up the shiteous statue in front of Penn Station. I'll vote for the first politician who promises to remove that eyesore.

Then we could get Homeland Security funds!!

Unknown said...

Cynic... City Council? I don't think I would be appropriate seeing as how I'm too much for the people and about the people... could you imagine someone who actually gave a shit about their district?

Supreme, I understand where your coming from, but the worst they could pull up are a few disgruntled ex's with no credibility and the fact that I am a bartender in that dive called the Vous... which I was told yesterday I am one ofthe few who works there that isn't , and I quote " A wasted cunt or coked out asshole"

The sad part of it is, I think that even if someone who gave a damn ran for any seat, a low percentage of Baltimoreans vote, so the ons that i could help are more than likely not at the polls.

Maybe you should do it Cynic... go for it!!!

John Galt said...

Howzabout running on a secessionist platform ??

Maurice Bradbury said...

whoa who are you quoting there, Liz?!

Unknown said...

one of my bar customers who told me they respect me for being the exact opposite of that