Wednesday, March 28, 2007

30 Years For Murderer Caught on Camera

At a hearing yesterday, Earl Holeman, 38, of Capitol Heights, Maryland pled guilty to first-degree murder. Judge Wanda K. Heard sentenced Holeman to life in prison and suspended all but 30 years. The State presented the following facts as part of the plea agreement in open court:
At approximately 10 a.m. on January 1, 2006, Holeman stabbed Michelle Denton, 49, his former girlfriend, in the throat with a knife, as she waited at a bus stop in the 300 block of West Fayette Street. The State entered into evidence seven still photographs captured from Citiwatch cameras that show the defendant fleeing the scene. One of the seven photographs positively identifies the defendant.

While the actual murder was not videotaped, several cameras captured Holeman as he ran from the crime scene, and ran up Paca and Lexington Streets. A camera operator was able to direct police officers from the crime scene to Holeman, leading to his apprehension and arrest. This is the second murder case where prosecutors have negotiated a plea agreement and have noted in the court record that camera footage would be included as evidence in the State's evidence.


Anonymous said...

fyi: for the purposes of labelling, i don't think you meant 'red light cameras.' those were police video surveillance cameras that caught the action, not red light cams.

ppatin said...

It's been a bad day for Anne Arundel County. A 15yo is in critical condition after his idiot friend crashed they car they were in, and a cop was shot in Severna Park.

Dopple said...

I find it interesting that the suspected bank robber caught yesterday was related to a District Police Commander in Northwest. I wonder if they had the same upbringing and why one turned to a life of crime while the other went to a life of fighting crime.

Where was the split between these two, and does it possibly suggest that people choose their paths in life instead of having a criminal life hoisted on them by society's ills such as poverty.

John Galt said...

Um,... yeah. It does.

On that subject, you'll notice from today's paper that Del. Curt Anderson justifies his bill to let loose the drug dealers on the overtly racial basis that 'black people can't afford to get off drugs', which is kinda curious because they certainly can't afford to stay on them without breaking the law, which he apparently thinks is sorta OK. (Neat lawmakers we have here.) Also, way to go, makind drug-dealing a designated black profession.

The interesting thing about his bill to help underprivileged young black drug dealers is that it is supported by his colleague, Del. Maggie McIntosh, who lives in a neighborhood with fewer than 8% black residents, so it seems she has in mind to set them loose, but only into our neighborhoods, not hers.

I have a cool idea: her neighborhood is fighting off the 'terrifying menace' of a reopening Johns Hopkins fraternity about a block from Maggie's house. Why not turn it into a transitional residential facility for all the repeat drug dealers she wants to grant parole to ?? I mean, I'm sure she wouldn't want to be perceived as... hypocritical or anything.

burgersub said...

It's been a bad day for Anne Arundel County. A 15yo is in critical condition after his idiot friend crashed they car they were in, and a cop was shot in Severna Park.

pregnant lady shot in odenton also. and a dude coming out of the bathroom during a fast food restaurant robbery yesterday in glen burnie got shot "several times in the face" and is in (only) serious condition.