Monday, March 26, 2007

A Pause for Perverts

For whatever reason, Baltimore is home to a TON of child molesters.
Not as many as Florida, we hear, but at least once a day, if not three or four times a day, a new dirty old man is arrested. What is up with that? The whole Catholic-church thing gets a lot of ink, with TV anchor Thomas Roberts coming out with tales of Father Jeff Toohey of Calvert Hall, and the pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Ellicott City. The Catholic church has countered with the scary stat that "only" some 1 percent of priests have been accused of sex abuse, as compared to 5 percent of U.S. public school teachers. Yikes.

As of a year ago, the law allows people who are now 25 or younger and were molested to be able to sue the molestor until they're 42 (what's with the weird ages?), an apparent compromise to save the Catholic church.
So while civil suits are thus restrained, there is no time limit for criminal charges, a good thing since every pedophile on the East Coast seems to wind up living here!


Hoodlum said...
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Maurice Bradbury said...

not to mention all of our lovely halfway-houses.

HoCoJoe said...


Tell that to the 6 child sex offenders living in my zip code. Not exactly the ghetto.

Gor said...

I'm raising the bullshit flag on this one. 20 damn years to report. Sorry, I don't think so. Yes, it happened, yes it was wrong, but if it wasn't to damn traumatic to tell about in her teens, her twenties, or even her thirties, then I'm wondering why it so traumatic now, maybe she thinks she may be able to cash in on before it's to late.

Unknown said...

I don't agree completely gor. I, myself have not been molested but have been through some traumatic experiences that I still haven't talked about because it is painful, and it foes open a bag of worms. I don't know any sane person wants to be known as "that guy/girl who got molested by so and so"

But, I do think that sometimes people use things like this as an opportunity to get attention.

Sechakecha said...

Gor, unless you yourself have been a victim of molestation, you don't know what is running through the victims head. For all we know, the investigation could have been going on for a year or two already, and they are just now bringing it to light in the media.

They can live anywhere, they can be anywhere. My dance teacher, for example, owned his own dance studio, and lived in Columbia. He had 2 children of his own. He had numerous charges brought against them, but always dropped, and struck from the records. Now, after god knows how many girls, he is finally in jail.

The abuse he served has been across the country, and in other countries, as well. But it took 20 or 30 some years for it to come out. None of the 3 girls who came forward did it for the money, as they did it for justice to be served. The one girl still gets depressed at the time it happened, and the trial was 5 or 6 years ago, with the abuse happening 2 years prior to that.

Anonymous said...

why would you out one of your anonymous commenters? i don't get it. but thanx for truning it all back on.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I was just joking. Tony O's my old boss, I don't think he reads this!
I don't get the point of anon commenting-- how hard is it to make up an alias? It just seems to lead to a lot of drunks writing stupid crap. But some people are very devoted to it. So I'll turn it back on until someone else pisses me off!

Anonymous said...

If you'd just shoot them when they were arrested we wouldn't have to keep dealing with them over and over.

John Galt said...

Couldn't we just extradite the peds to Iran ?? Maybe swap them... all of them... for the 15 British prisoners ??

Those Ayatollahs know how to handle perverts. Go Shari'a.

Come to think of it, it'd make an extra-compelling incentive for certain infidel christian Monsignors, wouldn't it?

Gor said...

Excuse me? "Those Ayatollahs know how to handle perverts"?!

Try this site:

The Iranians executed (by stranulation) a 16 year old year because she "let" herself be molested by a 52 year old taxi driver when she was 13 and because she dared to speak out in court. The perv got a couple of lashes and a pat on the back. This incident is not isolated.

Also, the age of "consent" is 9 in Iran.

Yea, riiight, "Go Shari'a".

My reply to about these who think it's hard about reporting traumatic experiences, all I have to say is, if the survivors of the Nazi death camps came forward, I would hope anyone can.

John Galt said...

Whoa. OK, now, read what you wrote:

'The age of consent there is 9.'
(which surprised me.)

You may disagree with their statute, but by that statute the 13 year-old was deemed an adult.

So, the relevant question is: how aggressively do they deal with molesters of children under 9 ?

I'd guess they're pretty hard on 'em. Hope so.

None of which changes my desire to export our pervs.

Gor said...

I'm sorry, did I say molested, I might raped (repeatedly). There are my sites concerning this girl and many other children in Iran. Male child molestors and rapist are not punished as much as their victims are (because I guess they think the victims had it coming).

Gor said...

Sorry for the typos.

Gor said...

I do agree with you, if we are not allowed to castrate them, then we should send them away and let them prey on some medieval society.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I do wonder how the, say, Saudi Arabians deal with molesters of kids under 9. I'd wager not at all, because the girl's family would want to hush it up to "save her reputation."

I'm happy to see so many perverts getting arrested. That means people are coming forward, which is hugely brave, as conviction is no guarantee and I'm sure it's an unpleasant, time-consuming process. A good sign and a big shift from when I was a kid-- when the underlying attitude was that the victim was somehow 'impure' because of what happened to them.

Can you imagine being a 6th-grade girl and having to take time off from school to testify against some lecher? It would be tough to keep that a secret, everyone in your class would find out you got goosed by an old man... that's close to as bad as it gets. I would, like, die.

DBDP said...

cy, does MD have a disproportionately high rate of either reported cases of child molestation or registered resident sex offenders? I’ve been googling looking for such stats for the past few minutes, but as of yet have not yet found any. Can you please provide me with a link?

Maurice Bradbury said...

Dunno-- If someone has done a perv-per-capita of cities I would be intrerested to know. The city certainly has more than its fair share as compared to the rest of the state!

I said "ton," which is probably an understatement... if we have hundreds and they weigh 200 pounds each...