Friday, April 20, 2007

April 20

Three people were killed within three hours. Kevin Randall was shot to death in the 200 block of N. Mount St. at 9:45 on Wednesday night; about an hour later, Johnnie James was shot in the head in the 300 block of S. Bentalou St.; and shortly after midnight, Christopher Wayman was shot in the head in the 2400 block of Seabury Rd. Another man was shot at the same time as Wayman, and is in critical condition at Shock Trauma.

A man's body was found next to railroad tracks in New Windsor.

A 17-year-old was shot yesterday morning in the 1300 block of N. Gilmor St.

Essex 16-year-olds Kyle Meredith and Mateusz Dybala will both be charged as adults with first-degree assault in the burning of Payton Potochney.

Former BPD officer James Kulbicki got life for the shooting death of his mistress, Gina Nueslein. Now, a new gun expert for the defense claims that Kulbicki's gun could not have killed Nueslein, and the testimony of fake forensics expert Joseph Kopera was completely wrong.

The feds say that Robert Clay committed suicide.

Charles Eugene Burns' defense lawyer says some blood and a hair from Lilly Phelps isn't enough evidence to convict his client.

Steven Ellison, the man who died in December after struggling with several AAC officers, died from "cocaine induced agitated delirium" not police induced beatdown.

The family of Ernest Oliver has filed a $25 million wrongful death suit against the city. Oliver was killed by a police officer last August when he was shot in the back.

A warrant has been issued for former BPD officer Michael Nelson, who is charged with participating in an insurance scam.

HoCo police are using MySpace to help solve crimes.

Thanks for the arsenic, Allied Chemical.


John Galt said...

FYI, I've just posted a chart of the City's declining police manpower over the last 12 years. It's located on my blog, Baltimore B.

John Galt said...

In another sign that Baltimore has some serious frickin' problems, the BCPD has had to recodify its arrest policies regarding very young children.

John Galt said...

chart is located here.

John Galt said...

How about... here.

John Galt said...

And the violence in Charm City keeps reaching new heights. The tourists will just love our group stabbings in Midtown.

John Galt said...

Oops, another body floating in the Inner Harbor. Quick, hide it from the tourists, who suffer from the misapprehension that Baltimore is "an unsafe city with a high crime and murder rate".

In thororoughly unrelated news, one of its premier multiple murderers, Corey McMillon, gets off on a murder charge because the witness against him who saw it was himself shot in another incident while robbing a bank.

You truly cannot make this stuff up.

Gor said...

"... no signs of foul play...", "... no identification ...", and floating face-down in Baltimore's Innerharbor!

How can these three statements be in the same article?

Anonymous said...

by no signs of foul play, they probably mean the guy didn't have stabbing or gunshot wounds, no obvious marks on his hands, head, neck or chest, etc. no id on him may be indicative that he wanted to commit suicide or he was down and out and didn't possess ID (which is not uncommon in Bmore). a more nefarious scenario: he was robbed and pushed into the water. in such cases, the medical examiner has to wait for all sorts of toxicology and physiological tests to come back, which take weeks. even then, they may not be able to establish a manner of death without a witness or some other type of corroborating evidence.

Anonymous said...

Steven Ellison died from police beating on him.