Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Victim impact statement

Johnny Johnson's victim impact statement in the trial of Phillip Carter is incredibly powerful. It was quoted in Julie Bykowicz' piece on Carter's sentencing, along with the fact that Mr. Johnson wouldn't testify at the trial because he was afraid to leave his house. The simplicity and sadness of his statement says a great deal about our city.
My name is Johnny Johnson. I am a resident of Baltimore City and was a victim of assault by one Mr. Phillip Carter on February 26, 2006 on Fulton Avenue and Baltimore Street. I would like to take a minute to explain to you how this has affected my daily life. As a result of this crime I currently cannot find peaceful sleep and am afraid to walk the streets of our fair city.


John Galt said...

Contrast Mr. Johnson's perspective with Commr. Hamm's. Pretty stark. Disturbingly so.

Someone's fibbin', and if I had to lay odds on a) the journalist or b) the political appointee...

John Galt said...

An electrifying drug bust in the commercial district on Belair Road last night.