Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19

On Tuesday, a 29-year-old man was shot in the neck died in the 6100 block of Fortview Way.
Wednesday, Steven Brandon Sr., 41, was shot in the head about 5 p.m.
in the 2800 block of Round Road in Cherry Hill and died a short time later at Harbor Hospital.

More on the Hamm story. The Sun reports that Dixon asked him to resign Tuesday night.

"Bupe" works okay, but not as well as methodone.

bentleyWhy didst God smite the Baptist Church? Probably for buying a $150k Bentley Arnage with church funds rather than by paying their hefty debts!
(Then again, maybe the insurance check is God's way of repaying them for their abundant faith!)

Speaking of abundant faith, nervy candidate Jill Carter will be spending the night tonight at the crime-ridden intersection of Milton and East Biddle Streets, and tomorrow she'll be at Fayette and Monroe. Says Carter, "It is sending a message that we will not accept that our corners will be taken over."


Anonymous said...

the press conference played out just like the wire...speaking of does anyone know where they are filiming?

John Galt said...

Sometimes I find the Wire does a better job of revealing the BCPD than the news media.

What has anyone done about the 'juking' of the stats in the department, as 'Bunny' Colvin remarked ?

Written by an ex crime reporter and an ex-cop from Baltimore City, the show tells more truth than the news.

I'd sure like to see Jayne Miller follow up on the refusal of cops to record incidents. She did a good job of breaking the story, but it never went anywhere policywise.

A good point of departure for the acting Commish would be to codify that officers knowingly, willfully concealing what a reasonable person would deem a crime incident gets fired - no pension. A functional means of filing a complaint on those grounds should be implemented. IAD isn't it. They just want to identify corruption.

Refusal to take a police report should be documented by the officer and the citizen should be entitled to receive an official factual basis for the denial, other than 'in the discretion of the officer.'

Anonymous said...

Good Point John