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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's like Siberia!

The Balto Spectator aka Απολλώς Frank James MacArthur sent me a paper letter. Aren't those always so nice to get? I'd sent him a "sorry you're spending the holidays in jail" note before Xmas and a private Tweet during that last-day-of-November standoff, offering to secure his Waverly place at a moment when it sincerely sounded like the whole thing was going to go in the suicide-by-cop direction. His response was postmarked 12/27/12 and he admits ownership of the shotgun:

"I'm sure my 50-year-old shot gun in a closet put me right up there on Baltimore's dirty dozen most wanted criminals list. God forbid I might actually use it to defend myself in my own home. How very primitive and savage of me."

He goes on to say,

Speaking of primitive and so PoMo, he also hand-wrote a post he wants me to edit and post-- no thanks to that, but I'll put up a Tweeted phone picture because I am nice. Also, I believe that if you think "somebody ought to do something to help" that somebody is you -- maybe you, dear writer, should write him and offer him help.

     Now, walking around with a shotgun hunting down teen vandals, that might be rational. I'm sure the little reprobates in Waverly can piss a person the ef off. But him keeping a shotgun after his conviction? not rational or smart. Not double-checking to make sure your probation requirements have been met and your probation is over? Not rational or smart. If he really thinks cops are out to get him, then don't give them an excuse, duh. Not going directly to the police station with a lawyer to sort things out the nanosecond one hears one is the subject of a warrant is not rational. Yelling "and you call yourself a judge," to Judge Lynn Stewart -- it confirmed everyone's worst suspicions of an impulsive and uncontrolled demeanor. 

What happened to the Spectator is exactly what should happen to people with illegal weapons, they ought to be monitored by the state/Feds, and if they go off the radar and don't report for probation or surrender on a warrant they should be tracked town. Especially if they are also making violent public statements, wether they're making them at Harborplace or on Twitter.

so anyway,
if you would also like a paper correspondence with the Spectator his contact info is left. If you are really a friend of MacArthur (cough, Duane Davis, Tom Kiefaber, cough) then you'll try to help him use this experience positively instead of encouraging him to not take responsibility for himself and using him to further your own self-centered agenda. The next hearing for AFJMcA is Feb 8 FWIW.

ps. So looks like his purported attorney Jill P. Carter was at the bail hearing, but then why did she not make the plea for bail on his behalf in the courtroom and some nervous younger woman was doing it instead? Shrug. 

Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19

On Tuesday, a 29-year-old man was shot in the neck died in the 6100 block of Fortview Way.
Wednesday, Steven Brandon Sr., 41, was shot in the head about 5 p.m.
in the 2800 block of Round Road in Cherry Hill and died a short time later at Harbor Hospital.

More on the Hamm story. The Sun reports that Dixon asked him to resign Tuesday night.

"Bupe" works okay, but not as well as methodone.

bentleyWhy didst God smite the Baptist Church? Probably for buying a $150k Bentley Arnage with church funds rather than by paying their hefty debts!
(Then again, maybe the insurance check is God's way of repaying them for their abundant faith!)

Speaking of abundant faith, nervy candidate Jill Carter will be spending the night tonight at the crime-ridden intersection of Milton and East Biddle Streets, and tomorrow she'll be at Fayette and Monroe. Says Carter, "It is sending a message that we will not accept that our corners will be taken over."

Sunday, April 8, 2007

April 8

Word in our inbox from

Delegate Jill P. Carter
Next Mayor of Baltimore

829 East Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Dear Friend
Baltimore or Baghdad: which is the greater American tragedy?

As of March 19, 2007, violence has claimed the lives of 47 Americans in Baghdad since the start of the year. During the same period, violence claimed 61 lives in Baltimore, Maryland - most due to gunshot wounds.

Thousands marched this past weekend to end the loss of life in Baghdad. By contrast, the cry of outrage in Baltimore has barely risen to the level of a whisper."

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Carolyn Redd of the 5500 block of Jonquail Avenue, and Lawrence Gee, of Monastery Avenue for the first-degree murder of Mary Page. Court documents allege Carolyn Redd, the victim's daughter and her boyfriend Lawrence Gee lived with Mary Page at her residence sometime before August 19, 2006. Court documents also allege the couple was asked to leave the home. Court documents further allege the couple was seen near Ms. Page's home around the time of her death. Arraignment is scheduled for April 9, 2007, before Judge Lynn Stewart, 215 Mitchell Courthouse. Assistant State's Attorney John Cox will prosecute this case.

He's Just Not That Into You Dept.
Former Baltimore Police officer Kabeer Din was found guilty of conspiring to have his girlfriend murdered. Din wanted her dead, says the NYT, because he feared she'd "report something that would damage his reputation with the [NY] Police Department." In spite of the spate damning evidence, would-be victim Sherry Nohar is standing by her man.

HarfCo SA Joseph Cassilly is joining the choir against the proposed anti-gang bill. Or he just wanted to use that metaphor, "pig in a swimsuit."