Wednesday, August 1, 2007

grimesbWe all knew Brandon Grimes, right, should have been in jail long before he killed officer Troy Chesley Jr., but it gets worse. Grimes apparently carjacked someone days before the shooting, but police "declared the carjacking report unfounded. As a result, there was no follow-up investigation and no lookout was posted for the green van." Not the first time Jayne's reported police dismissing carjacking victims.
Dixon's tepid response: "We really need to find out what happened and why, and make some folks accountable. It's unacceptable."
Yeah, you like, totally do. Good idea. Let me know how that goes!

Former Prince George's County homeland security official Keith A. Washington was indicted yesterday on charges of murder and attempted murder for shooting two unarmed furniture delivery men, Brandon D. Clark and Robert White, in his Accokeek home in January. Washington cried self-defense, but looks like the grand jury decided he meant it.

Ranard D. Brown, 26, was arrested yesterday for shooting the two female officers on Monday.

An unnamed man died Saturday, four months after being shot in the 2900 block of Mosher St.

Who wrote secreted?!
WBAL version of an AP story: "Investigators working on the case of a Maryland mother who allegedly secreted dead fetuses around her home have a task that could stretch the bounds of even fictional forensic specialists on a television show."
("Hid" is used in the in the Capitol's version)


ppatin said...

My blood boils whenever I think about how Pat Jessamy decided not to pursue the death penalty against Brandon Grimes, despite the fact that he murdered a cop. Grimes is the lowest form of human garbage imaginable, but he'll get to live to a ripe old age at taxpayer expense. Scum like him deserve to fry.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think that a DP case in the city is such a slam dunk? I mean, not only would the state have to prove that Grimes was the principal (i.e. irrefutable proof HE pulled the trigger) but then also meet one of the 10 aggrivating circumstances. I wouldn't be surprised if a jury in this case sees poor brandon and wants to "give him a second chance" by refusing to convict on first degree and convict on second degree, if they convict at all. A jury would not sentence the Det Newman killers to death, why would a jury do any different here? I don't blame them for not seeking DP; it would be a huge waste of time and resources.

ppatin said...

Under most circumstances I would agree, but for a cop-killer I think the State's Attorney's office is at least obligated to try. Since the jury decides on the penalty as well as the verdict in a death penalty trial it's not like they'd acquit him just to spare him the death penalty. Not even making an attempt to put Grimes on death row is a slap in the face to every police officer in the city. At the very least filing a notice of intent to seek the death penalty might get Grimes to plead guilty & get life w/o parole.

ppatin said...

I also believe that voir dire for a death penalty trial in MD is a lot more thorough than in typical cases. That might help the prosecution by weeding out some of the real idiot jurors.

Anonymous said...

I wish the writer of the blog would stop focusing on the police as the culprits, there job is impossible enough.

John Galt said...

I don't think we can condone misbehavior which thwarts the criminal justice process when it comes from 'our' guys. Every member of that process needs to keep it real independently of someone else's behavior.