Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28

A man was shot and killed in the 400 block of S. Payson St. in the Southwestern early this morning.

The man killed at a Texaco station near Mondawmin Mall has been ID'd as 18-year-old Himank Karki, an immigrant from Nepal who was preparing to start his first day of college after wrapping up his 12-hour shift at the gas station. (What's this, the second BCCC student in the past two months who can't attend school because he got fucking shot? Great leadership, Sheila.)

26-year-old Matthew Sivells has been identified as the man who was killed on Cecil Ave. on Sunday afternoon.

The body of a man in his 20s was found in Columbia, and there appear to be no signs of foul play.

Shawn Jones got life + 30 years, and Donnie Bowman's family is still grieving.

Lawrence Joseph Lannin is already serving two life sentences, so he won't really be punished for murdering child-killer Richard Spicknall in prison.

"Gang members seem to be showing tribute. They use their bandanas each one of them come by and sort of ceremoniously drop a bandana in the casket. ... They want to put in bottles of Hennessey, they want to put blunts ... in there."

The citizens of Oliver, Harlem Park, and Charles Village are a little freaked out. (As are the citizens of EB Midway, Highlandtown, Better Waverly, etc.)

Frank, you could've at least thrown your support to someone more worthy of being mayor, like Jill Carter or my dog Roxy.


ppatin said...

Lawrence Joseph Lannin is an excellent example of why we need a death penalty. An additional life sentence for someone who's already doing life is hardly much of a deterrent or punishment. Of course, killing someone like Richard Spicknall doesn't seem like it should be a crime. Maybe a misdemeanor at the most.

ppatin said...

From the link that Galt posted:

"I love this city. It’s home. And I am angry at what my brother is going through right now. And I am saddened at what I know is coming — the fear, the sense of helplessness, the anger, the trauma of a senseless beating.

But I am also concerned. And I am troubled that this first world country cannot provide alternatives for its youth, whether these youth are white, black or brown.

I hear it said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and I wonder what this richest country in the world is doing for its children. "

Hon, we don't need "alternatives," we need brutal, unforgiving punishments for criminals. Anyone who commits a violent crime, or a crime with a weapon needs to spend decades in prison. I don't care if he's 17, or came from a bad home or whatever, there is no excuse for beating/mugging/carjacking. To hell with forgiveness & rehabilitation (let's face it, the depart of corrections doesn't "correct" anyone).

ppatin said...
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ppatin said...

The gangbanger funeral article shows how truly savage and vile gang members are. They can't even behave like civilized human beings a funeral. I say hang them all.

EastCoastMatt said...

conaway might have if Jill Carter attended that meeting that conaway invited her to. he pointed out that she didn't attened, and then, (so, perhaps implied?) he was throwing his support to KM

ppatin said...

I wish Keiffer Mitchell's people would stop e-mailing me. Whenever they pop up in my inbox I tag them as spam, but gmail's normally reliable spam filter doesn't seem to be catching them.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Amazing YPR story about the March Funeral Home.
I have a hard time believing that kids today don't have a fear of death. Isn't that an immutable constant of the human condition?

ppatin said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they still are, but they're probably even more scared of the consequences of losing face or appearing weak in front of their gang.

Caederus said...

The YPR story almost reads like a historical work on some long ago warrior culture. Just like the only way to get your name on a tombstone in Sparta was to either die in childbirth (woman) or die in battle (man).

Putting a bunch of stuff in the casket is nothing new. My father created a scrap book of items to be placed in his own casket (that he picked out) before his death. My niece placed some cookies in the casket with him. How many young soldiers make detailed plans for their funeral before heading off to battle.

The sad part is my father knew he was dieing from Lung cancer, while these kids know that they have a higher that average chance of death due to their lifestyle/occupation. So they get ready. When they die in battle, the riches in life that they enjoyed their comrades in arms supply in honor of their sacrifice.

It's a sad thing, but in many ways very civilized.

ppatin said...

"It's a sad thing, but in many ways very civilized."

Actually I think it's disgusting. Part of what they're doing is luring younger kids who aren't completely beyond hope yet into their vile and senseless lifestyle. Can you imagine what it does to 10 & 11 year olds when they see that kind of thing?

John Galt said...

I've seen pastors officiating at the service torn between a) ejecting the young males for their desecration (according to the standards of an older generation of parishioners) and b) a desire to tolerate the ritual and welcome a lost generation which he'd like to recover from the streets.

Kind of a microcosm of what we see in the spectrum of politicians' approaches to crime and reentry.

burgersub said...

Police Monday identified Matthew Sivells, 26, of the 6100 block of Walther Ave. in Baltimore County, as the man fatally shot Sunday afternoon...

the 6100 block of walther ave is in baltimore city. walther ave doesn't even make it to the county, it ends at northern parkway. it picks up again on the other side of the beltway in carney as walther blvd but by that time its block number is in the 8000's.