Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12

A man was shot to death in a moving car that crashed at the intersection of N. Carey and Baker Streets on the west side.

The murder this weekend was on Grogan Avenue on the East side, still no details... other than that the shots disrupted a vigil for 16-year-old Shawn Tiller, murdered a year before.

Abdul Kareem Alvez-el, 23, was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for shooting Ricky Medley, 19, and Martrell Brown, 16, as they sat in Medley's car.

Last Thursday, a man shot at police officers-- and lived.

Some happier news-- The county has opened an off-leash dog park!


Caederus said...

Totally off topic, but for the blog on never eating in a restaurant again there is this wonderful review of a place in the UK.

Unknown said...

UM there is an off leash dog park in Canton and one in Ellicott City, in Howard County. There is also one in Annapolis. Although its cool BC is getting one its not the first.

Maurice Bradbury said...

...oh man that's a funny restaurant review!

Thanks for the correction amanda!

ppatin said...

A car thief escaped from custody and shot at a state trooper (but missed) in Laurel. Look out for a 34-year old man wearing a hospital gown and no shoes.

Anonymous said...

why not turn part of patterson park into a formal leash-free dog park? Everyone let's there damned dogs run leash-free anyway, pit bulls and all!