Monday, November 5, 2007

Police Shoot Armed Man

Police shot a suspect with a gun in the shoulder in the NW, he's expected to live. This is 2007's 31st police-involved shooting.


ppatin said...

16-year old Terrance Regan was shot and killed in Hillen last night. According to the Sun he's murder victim #254.

Who were the 252nd and 253rd victims by the way? As of last Friday I thought the murder tally was 251, and I don't remember any killings since then.

ppatin said...

Here is yet another example of our country's broken justice system:

"WASHINGTON - Can a murderer escape a death sentence because he rejected a plea deal after receiving bad advice from his lawyer?"

For god's sake, the guy is guilty, he was convicted almost 20 years ago, just go ahead and fry him. We could bicker about minor mistakes by lawyers forever and never actually punish anyone for anything.