Saturday, December 8, 2007

December 8

A 15-year-old girl was shot on Rutland Avenue in East Baltimore last night.

According to Friday's plea deal, if Eric Price, Arthur Jeter and Wilburt Martin, three of Zach Sowers' admitted attackers, testify against the fourth assailant, Trayvon Ramos, or if Ramos accepts a plea agreement, their sentences will be eight years, and they will not be charged with murder should Sowers die as a result of the attack.
Arthur Jeter and Wilburt Martin also pleaded guilty yesterday to another robbery two days after the Sowers attack, and Price pleaded guilty to stealing a woman's purse a day after.

Another version of events in the bus attack: Britny (yes Britny) Carter, one of the students charged, says that the incident began when students made fun of Kreager's black eye.
QTD from Britny's mom: "Britny is not a racial person."
Meanwhile, the SA's office has not ruled out requesting that a judge charge the attackers as adults. Fox45 reports that the charges would have to be upgraded to attempted murder for that to happen. Kreager, who the Sun reports was homeless, is now in the city witness protection program.

Area Methodists paid homage to the city's homicide victims yesterday.

More on crazy Mary Gates, the Carroll County woman who tried to hire someone to kill her husband and stepson.

Alleged PsDJ: William Leslie Harrison, 62, of Bel Air, who is being held on a $1 million bond on charges of sexually abusing a 14-year-old who worked for him, "on as many as 200 occasions;" "Uncle Don" of Frederick; and William Edward Wray of Cresaptown, who got 50 years.

Who will replace Judge Joe Murphy as the chief of the Court of Special Appeals, the most bad-azz judge in MD? UB prof Byron Warnken reportedly predicts James R. Eyler.


Gor said...

A 14 year old waited for over a year, and endured over 200 seperate incidents of sexual abuse, to notify authorities? Something doesn't add up. Either Harrison threaten violence to quite him, which would allow for further charges, or something else besides the molesting made the boy report the perv.

Gor said...

Oh my God! WRAY GOT 50 YEARS! He'll be 101 years old when he gets out (as if).

Wouldn't be nice if our murderers got this kind of sentence, this just shows you the failure of our local justice system.

Maurice Bradbury said...

It's the Bush DOJ-- better to kill a girl than take her virtue!

So the bus beating victim is homeless-- isn't that rather unusal for an able-bodied, working-age young woman in a city of very cheap rents?

Gor said...

Murder is a state crime and it's the state's legal system who tries those cases, whereas crimes like the one Wray committed (interstate child pornography) is a federal matter, so the Bush DOJ commment doesn't really apply.

The very sick part of court document was he was involved in "sadistic or masochistic violence involving prepubescent minors". I'm under the impression not only will he not see freedom when he is 101, but the other inmates probable will not allow him is see 53.

I would like to see what federal murder sentences are compared against our state's average sentence length and see which one is longer.

BTW, what would have been the state's normal sentencing of a perv found guilty of "taking her virtue"?

Maurice Bradbury said...

The DOJ, headed by the Attorney General, who's appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, sets enforcement priorities. Child porn is now a much bigger priority than before, with harsher sentences. Not that I have a problem with that.

I think right now the suggested sentence for child rape in MD is 12-25 years.

ppatin said...

Gor, it's worth remembering that Federal sentences are particularly brutal because there's no parole in the Federal system. I believe an inmate can get 15% off for good behavior, but that's it. We should do the same in Maryland, at least for violent felonies. If you get 20 years for a violent crime then you should serve all 20.

Gor said...

I would love to see that.

Like I said when this story first broke, I lived in Creasptown during my teens, and I'm really surprised that he survived till trial. He must have been held without bail.