Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 29, Evening Edition

A corpse was found on I-97 near Annapolis, and an abandoned car was found nearby.

A man in his late 30s committed suicide at Lexington Market this morning.

Joseph Brown was allegedly selling a handgun when he was murdered. There's an important lesson here for aspiring illegal gun dealers: don't give loaded weapons to your potential customers.

You mean Christmas Eve isn't the traditional day of desecrating tombstones?

Gotta love those JZ headlines that inform us of genuinely surprising local developments: "Baltimore's Murder Rate Continues To Climb".


ppatin said...

Good news everyone, I'm baaaack (from a place that has an even higher violent crime rate than Baltimore!)

Unknown said...

You gotta love the alarmist and misleading wjz article on the Baltimore 2007 homicide rate and how they downplay the unprecedented drop in homicides for the second half of the year. When they do briefly acknowledge the drop, they attribute it to a change in local police leadership and tactics... just like they did in Philadelphia and Washington. God forbid we acknowledge the reality that homicide trends in urban areas are more often regional specific than city specific. God forbid we acknowledge that Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore experienced a large spike in their respective homicide rates for the first half of the year AND experienced the same drastic drop to the rate at the EXACT SAME TIME. Oh no, in Baltimore we can pat Frederick Bealefeld on the back and thank him as the sole cause. Philadelphia and Washington police departments are likewise congratulating themselves. Forget the actual trends, let’s obsess over arbitrary dates that begin Jan 1st and end Dec 31st.

Also, I can wait to drive up “I-92” to experience a city that is obviously doing something right that we are doing wrong because their over/under between these two dates worked out slightly differently, as their homicide rate isn’t spiraling “out of control.”

Retards, the lot of them.