Monday, April 14, 2008

Fatal homicide on east side

WJZ reports that "Baltimore Police are investigating a fatal homicide in East Baltimore. ... Police say a male was shot in the head."

Nick at the Sun tells us that a 15-year-old girl was shot in the head in the 1900 block of N. Patterson Park Ave. (which, for the record, is nowhere near Patterson Park). A suspect is in custody. A construction worker at the scene said he saw six or seven kids being taken out of the house, and two of them were young enough to be placed in baby seats.

And yes, it appears that this was, indeed, a fatal homicide.

(Thanks to Mr. Mephistopheles for the info)


Jason said...

This city is a disaster.

Marc said...

"I'm done with Baltimore," said Williams, a South Carolina native who moved to Baltimore from Brooklyn, N.Y., 27 years ago. "I've see more violence here than in New York, and I was there for seven years. I've never seen so much violence."

That's why I'm reading this blog from Cumberland now.

Mr. Mephistopheles said...

That's why I'm reading this blog from Cumberland now.

If Mr. Williams' court record is any indication, he'll be back in your neck of the woods. He has multiple convictions in Allegany and Washington Counties. If he's truly leaving Baltimore City, then I say good riddance!

Unknown said...

So who was shot? The 15 year old girl or a guy? Or both?

Bmore said...

mr.williams was just mad b/c the kid who got busted for the murder was his main heroin connect...cant live without those capsules

graham said...

The Sun really clears up the confusion over the location of the shooting with "clarification" at the end of the article:

A headline on an earlier version of this article indicated that the shooting took place in Northeast Baltimore. It occurred in in Northeast Baltimore. The Sun regrets the error. ???

graham said...

I see the Sun has now corrected the location correction...have they not discovered Google Maps yet? Sheesh.

taotechuck said...

@ Mr. M,
How do you know that the Malachi Williams is the same one whose court record you were reading? I mean, I realize it's not a common name, but still... Do you have any concrete evidence that it's not a case of mistaken identity?

Mr. Mephistopheles said...


I'm fairly certain it is the same guy since the Malachi Williams Jr. listed in the court records has a home address that is two miles away from his current place of employment. Granted, there might be more than one Malachi Williams, Jr in this country, but I doubt that there would be two of them living in East Baltimore.