Monday, July 28, 2008

Just another Manic Monday...

The death of Tyrone McCray, who was shot and killed yesterday, has been ruled as a homicide, the City's 122nd.

Baltimore Police are investigating a shooting of a 21-year-old off of Hillen Road on Shadyside Road. I would classify that street as "ironic"...

The two men fatally shot in a Jeep on Friday have been identified as Quinton Hogan and Donell Rogers.

A 20-year veteran of BPD is attempting to clear his name amidst charges that he showed nudie pics at work. If you're going to get busted allegedly doing naughty things on the computer, why not solitaire like everyone else?

Annie Linskey describes an odd relationship between a man standing trial for drug charges and an officer who has come to his aid for an appeal.

Holy burgles, Batman -- lots of robberies in the blotter!

As part of a larger probe, two city employees were suspended for stealing copper from the Mitchell Courthouse as well as City Hall then selling it for profit
. You're supposed to go before the Board of Estimates first before stealing from the City , you didn't get the memo?


Winston Smith said...

Could it be true that a mans car was really stolen while at the police stations office? No.

Maurice Bradbury said...

why is that street ironic?