Saturday, August 2, 2008

City Officer Indicted for Rape

From Margaret Burns at the SA's office:

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Rohan Mays, 27, of Rosehaven Road, Baltimore, for second-degree rape. It is alleged that Mays, who resigned from the Baltimore Police Department on July 23, 2008, raped a 16-yr. old female between June –July 2007.

Mays was taken into custody late Friday night and will have a bail hearing next week. The Court set a no-bail status.

An indictment is not a finding of guilt. An individual charged by indictment is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceeding.

An arraignment has been set for August 27, 2008.

(rec'd on a Saturday morning, more than a week after the indictment-- odd)
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Dingo said...

This is why city juries don't convict in the face of overwhelming evidence -- because every day the city police act like they are above the law, and even when caught on videotape abusing one of their own, they are not held accountable.,0,7746181.story

(I love the part about his back-up talking on the cell phone with her mother.)

buzoncrime said...

Well, dingo, I can see why you would say that in this case. But, you need to consider that, at least in this case, the police were TRYING to police one of theirs. I do believe he'll be fired, but, we'll see. The judge just cowardly and naively believed his story and bought his BS, just like some ( not most) judges believe the stories of most defendants. Poor Judge Themelis! Got himself all twisted in knots trying to bend over backward to believe this clown. What a joke! And this guy got out of law school, and was appointed to the court because............ Oh, never mind.

So, under J. Themelis world, for the Po-leece, you go up to people you get a call about, punch them in the face, knock them to the ground, and then ask questions. EXCEPT, the good judge avers unless the officer is in Roland Park or Guilford (where you're not allowed to build nursing homes, either). However, in the north "Patterson Park"/McElderrry Decker East neighborhood, police apparently are entitled to use "Curtis Lemay" tactics. Because, you know, that's a bad neighborhood.

But what Judge Themelis did, as dingo suggests, is further undermine the police as representatives of the community--who investigate first, but use force to protect themselves -and us. All of us, including people who are law-abiding and live in those neighborhoods. By the way, how much evidence does he need? Testimony of 3 or more IAD officers, plus the tape. (I'm not counting dingbat on the phone talking to her newest boyfriend, oh, yeah, I mean her mother.)

Maurice Bradbury said...

Oh, don't get me started with "Keswick NO!" movement! It makes me so mad!

That land isn't even public land, nor is it a park-- it belongs to the club, it's got a 14-foot-fence around it and some decrepit tennis courts and outbuildings.
But what really gets me-- Roland Park produces old people (probably at a faster rate that most any other neighborhood)! Where do these anti-Keswick people expect the aged to live-- in 100-year-old 10-bedroom houses with multiple sets of stairs?
A halfway house, one would reasonably expect whining.
But it's OLD PEOPLE!!
Dixon should bus some homeless people to sleep under the tables in the RPEMSchool cafeteria, that'd show those NIMBYs.

buzoncrime said...

MJB--I'm with you on this one. Though, I think the project is a bit big for this site, Keswick is a good neighbor, and has well-maintained property. The Roland Park Civic League could certainly have gotten worse. (Buz tried to build his maximum security prison there, offering 17.2 million for the site, but BCC turned him down cold). And they offered to maintain a huge chunk of the property as paths, trees, gardens--open to the community. And as you and other pointed out: there is a need. The population is aging.

Buz was especially amused about the "fist-bump" the kid got for demonstrating in front of the country club as reported by Laura Vozella. The adult fist-dapping him said: You were fightin' the man! Huh? walking around the country club with a sign for a couple of hours, with no danger of thugs emerging to beat the demonstrators, no police, no fire hoses, and no arrests. Fightin' the man!? In a few years, this kid will BE the Man.