Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ink: former professional boxer Eddie VanKirk, 45, was shot by a crackhead on November 19 of last year and died on June 22 of this year; his death has been ruled a homicide.


Stewie del Gato said...

Larry Joseph is a hero in my book. Channing Myrick has quite the extensive record (most are nolle pros surprise, surprise). Deion Morris in this city would be considered an innocent bystander. His record consists of numbers possession/distribution charges. He's just a hard worker in Baltimore's #1 industry.
Larry Joseph should not be given jail time, he should be given a job at City Hall.

myopinion08 said...

This is my family that you speak of.You say that larry is a hero. I understand that Channing, had gotten in trouble in the past, but he was about to change, and he just had a baby. He had children. So before you comment on a person's murder in this way think as if you trouble family member was shot and killed. I guess there killer would be a hero too. Please do everyone a favor, and never say something as heartless like this again.