Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Media Blabber

WBAL= total biters!
Not long after the City Paper published court documents re. the Tillman raids, the NBC affiliate is patting itself on the back for "obtaining" them.
I guess clicking on a .pdf is strenuous if you smoke as much as Jayne Miller does!
Here's much more on the Tillman antics from the News Hole.

Also a biter: Lori Barrett of "b"

Don't miss CP's story from last week on the Sun's miseries.

Will Brandon Grimes go free again? "A city crime lab employee left his own DNA on the pistol police say Brandon Grimes used to kill an off-duty Baltimore police officer, according to testimony during Grimes' murder trial this morning." And also, ew.

In Rockville, "Ex-Teacher Charged With Giving Students Cocaine"!
It's a hell of a drug!

The new "Baltimore Crime Beat" column is on the arrest in the 1986 murder of wino Charlie Neeper

A guy who had his azz beat by county police after they accused him of stealing his own car is suing for $850k

Baltimore City Councilwoman Rochelle “Rikki” Spector (5th District) got a lucky break when the officer who issued her that disappearing traffic ticket somehow never got a summons.

Busy-handed octogenarian urologist survives plane crash, gets busted with doobage


jaimetab said...

Hey, I was on Fox 45 news and gave a plug for the blog!

jaimetab said...

This is the correct link

The Baltimore Cynic said...

Heh, we are much obliged... I didn't know Jayne Miller smoked.

Speaking as a consummate professional, Barrett and the people at WBAL need to stop drinking this...

Maurice Bradbury said...

Hey thanks Jamie!
I'm out of town and haven't seen the redesign, how is it?

"A more visual age"-- what a nice way to say "less literate"!
I'm rather sure "b" and "Rock and Roll" is not the business model that's going to save thenews. Instead of gaining that sought-after demo of readers whose lips move when they read (who are all watching Fox anyway) you lose the smart ones.
I wonder how the WSJ's pay-subscription business is doing these days?

Anyway ... if Fox is counting the blog as "other sources" they've never been here, as a significant chunk of our links lead to the Sun and we haven't had any primary material since I stopped going to those CJCC meetings! (Though I'm hoping PPatin will entertain us with tales of jury duty soon!)

Maurice Bradbury said...

ps., unless she's quit, last I heard, Jayne smokes like John Mellencamp.

pps, we're going to reach a million unique hits in the very near future! I'm thinking of doing a BCrime FAQ for the occasion, or perhaps a list of the Top 10 most powerful figures in Baltimore Criminal justice, or some shit. Any suggestions or Qs, post or e-mail (e-mail link is on the bottom of the front page under "admin").

ppatin said...


Sorry, I didn't end up on a jury this time around. Thought I'd mentioned that. Hit me up in about 13 months though, because I'm sure I'll get summoned again at the end of next summer.

jaimetab said...

Jeez 83 yrs old and flying a private plane and still trying for a few last gropes before eternity?? Maybe next time I need the ol' finger check of the prostate I'll look up the good doc, and ask him what his secret is,if he's not in the slammer, that is.

jaimetab said...

Hey mjb, I'd like to talk to you off site. BTW, I met your hubby at the park when I was out with my little munchkin. Say hi! I'm jaimetab at yahoo if you could drop me a note.