Friday, September 12, 2008

Aw hellz naw... they got Turkey and Doughboy!

A fatal shooting reported yesterday afternoon in the 1500 block of Wadsworth Way.

A man was reportedly shot twice in the back about noon Tuesday in the 900 block of Belgian Ave. in the Pen Lucy neighborhood.

Drug raid targets named: "Turkey" "Deadeye" and "Doughboy".
... what's your gangsta name?

Evidence collected following a broad search warrant will be permitted at the trial of the Rogers Forge couple accused of starving their toddler to death.

Turns out the guy shot by police in Dundalk just had a BB gun.

The mystery deepens in the case of the missing GMC Acadia

Chang K. Yim, owner of the Linden Liquors, is protesting outside of city hall. (? "Yim handed out a three-page typewritten statement - available, along with other documents, on the Baltimore Crime Blog.")

Enjoy watching foot chases? WBAL's got video!


The Baltimore Cynic said...

I believe he's referring to the Baltimore Sun's crime blog - although it would be cool if those in trouble emailed stuff to us first...

Here's looking at you, Sheila Dixon!

Maurice Bradbury said...

Ha, you're right. He must be unaware that there are others in town.

taotechuck said...

Damn. That gangsta name maker is more prescient than a Magic muh'fuggin Eight Ball!

"Phat Cracka Fool"

It's as if they're sitting in the room looking at my foolish, pale, Buddha-bellied self.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Mine's "Straight Arse Star."
What did you get Cynic?!

taotechuck said...

Okay, this thing is really freaky. As if "Da Poo-poo pants" weren't freaky enough, Fredrick Bealefeld III got "Head Dick"

ppatin said...

"Rotten G-Ride Bouncer"

John Galt said...

Did you catch the article on strategic change in patrol deployments in my 'hood ??

Said a neighbor, "We need that on Greenmount Avenue - there's always something going on.".

Peter Hermann observes the following.

Maurice Bradbury said...

yeah I covered those, Ribbed Train Jumpa.