Friday, October 17, 2008

Eleven Shootings

.. this week, mapped by Spotcrime.

Shocking. "Suspect in kidnapping has record"
(for you JIS searchers, look under "Brian T Scott," born 8/6/90. Yikes, he's also a DAD!).

No good deed... "A man who stopped to help three people on the side of the road early today was repeatedly stabbed by one of them"

Broadwater explains that cryptic statement a police spokesperson made about alleged rapist Ian Murphy ("He actually committed one crime and left at that crime scene evidence from another crime scene.") Said evidence was the victim's stolen cell phone, which he'd used to film himself. Blergh.

After 20 years in jail, DNA evidence freed wrongfully accused murderer James L. Owens.

Julie B. attended a West side Jessamy-sponsored community meeting on gangs.


ppatin said...

I've heard a rumor that the Baltimore PD Marine Unit is going to be disbanded. Anyone know if this is true?

Sean said...

Well, it just hasn't been the same since McNulty left...

buzoncrime said...

P---I saw on a bpd message board on Thursday that a poster stated that the Marine Unit, public housing unit, Community Mediation unit were all being disbanded--along with a host of other belt-tightening measures. And that these officers are being sent back to the understaffed districts.

At this point, it's all still in the classification of rumor; but in my experience, when ya hear rumors like this, there's at least of smidgen of truth.

Wonder if the Commish and Mayor are reacting to citizen feedback about winning the stat on murders, but losing the war against crime in the neighborhoods. Please see my latest post on buzoncrime regarding this issue.