Friday, October 24, 2008

A man was shot to death in the 2700 block of Oswego Ave.

The city council has scheduled a hearing to get an update on the Ken Harris case.

More details of the Timonium kidnapping/ robbery/ assault

A new law lets city police seize dirt bikes whenever and wherever

Prostitution arrests in HoCo


ppatin said...

The dirt bike article made me want to scream. I am so sick of our limp-wristed, gutless approach to crime fighting where we spend more time worrying about the rights of thugs and hoodlums then about the welfare of law-abiding citizens. Rescind the idiotic no-chase rule. If a few dirt bikers get killed am I really supposed to give a shit? If I'd been that woman whose car was being rammed by thugs on dirt bikes I would've rammed those shitheads back. Enjoy falling onto asphalt with no helmet or protective gear you braindead pieces of ghetto trash.

ppatin said...

You've gotta love the Sun's politically-correct idiocy:

""Upper-class white communities generally are the most fearful of them and regard them as criminals," Nathan said. "Then there are other communities that get a kick out of it.""

Yeah, the communities that "get a kick out of it" are probably places where the average babymomma has her first kid at 13, everyone lives off of welfare, and actually waking up to go to work in the morning is a totally alien idea.

I am so wise said...

ppatin, the Baltimore County and Howard County police officers I've talked find it amusing when they bust city people who run from them on dirt bikes. They either assume the counties works the same way or lose track of where they are and when the police show up they try to run.

Without fail, they cite the city's no chase police at the cops in an effort to get freed.

helix said...

The dirt bikes really get under people's skin. Yeah, they are breaking traffic laws and being noisy but for the most part, that's all they're doing. Its a big aggression-trip for the riders. The fact that it makes others red-hot angry is a bonus in their mind.

I like the idea of confiscating the bikes and requiring licenses for such vehicles, but chasing them around dense urban streets is just not wise.

ppatin said...

"Yeah, they are breaking traffic laws and being noisy but for the most part, that's all they're doing."

Uh no. They're a serious danger to other traffic, and their flagrant law breaking helps undermine the overall sense that law & order is being maintained in this city. Seeing as how the dirt bikers are the ones who're most likely to get hurt in a chase I don't see where the problem is.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I don't think a 12-foot Crown Victoria can match the speed & agility of a dirtbike that can go on sidewalks, between parked cars, etc