Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melissa Harris: Murders may be down, but the homicide clearance rate is the second-lowest "in nearly 3 decades"

A teen was shot and "seriously injured" yesterday morning, reportedly on West Fayette and North Monroe Streets

Peter Hermann visits the ironically named Walbrook Homeland Security Academy, and he and Buz blog about a visit from LA police chief William J. Bratton (who, for head of a large organization, certainly manages to travel a lot)

Hot damn I'm psychic, indeed no daily local news source could resist the siren song of the "man caught stealing women's underwear" story


buzoncrime said...

Fayette and Monroe is, I'm pretty sure, THE CORNER, of Simon and Burns fame. Doesn't look like a whole lot has changed.

jackie said...

I thought that was Fayette and Mount?

ppatin said...

No, "The Corner" was definitely Fayette & Monroe. That book was actually the first thing that came to mind when I read that headline.