Thursday, February 5, 2009


It appears there were actually three unrelated murders yesterday. The third was a man shot & killed in the 1600 block of Gorsuch Ave. in CHuM.

"Science Found Wanting in Nation’s Crime Labs"

"Police hope warrant sweep will curb city violence" (beautiful photo!)

City officials want to speed up the process of civil "nuisance abatement" lawsuits

An arrest for the carjacking and shooting last week of 19-year-old Michael Lewis

A man robbed in the Rotunda parking lot in the Blotter

Study: Meth cost 'society' $23.4 billion in '05

"Watch it, that tickles! Wow, I haven't felt suction like that since the Bush twins were in town! Uh oh, sporty, is that a cell phone camera over there?" Greg Kane imagines what Michael Phelps' bong might say. ... & wouldn't it be refreshing if a busted celebs "took responsibility" by donating to a legal defense fund for pot dealers?

Our favorite Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has been hospitalized with pancreatic cancer.


ppatin said...

No more drinks on the infield during Preakness :(

ppatin said...

Justice Ginsburg should've come to Baltimore for surgery. Dr. John Cameron at Hopkins is probably the best pancreatic cancer surgeon in the world.

Cham said...

If the murder rate continues like this we will be at at a rate of 43.5 per 100,000 for the year. I'll need to find out how Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and St. Louis are doing in comparison. If we don't watch out, ole Baltimore is going to be front page news nationally by December.

Anonymous said...

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