Friday, February 6, 2009

Homicide Victims Named

Wednesday's three murder victims have been ID'd: Demetrius M. Saulsbury, 22, was killed in Broadway East; Lemuel Wallace, 37, was killed on the Gwynns Falls Trail restroom; David Bryan Wright, 47, was murdered in CHuM.

An officer was hit by an a-hole who fled the scene in a green vehicle.

Federal judge: Pro-life group can sue UMBC for $

Senate bills du jour: one that would raise the statute of limitations for child-abuse litigation from 25 to 50, one that would require health insurers to spend more on actual health care

Essex man gets 63 years in jail for setting house on fire while ex-gf's daughter was inside

Baltimore flipper is MLB snitcher
! (Is that a gold chain he's wearing? Of course it is)

"Authorities Not Laughing At Hacked Signs," but I am

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