Saturday, March 7, 2009


A quadruple shooting has one fatality so far in the Southeast

Another police-involved shooting, and the third in four years for the unnamed 28-year-old officer. What's his/her deal? A training issue? An itchy trigger finger? Bad luck?
And why would the police department under FBIII divulge this officer's brow-raising track record?

A personal e-mail plea from Delegate Craig Rice set the tone for the preservation of MD's death penalty

What the?! The vice president of Baltimore's NAACP chapter arrested for heroin, bupe & mj possession


Unknown said...

Why was a 4 year officer carrying a revolver?

buzoncrime said...

I saw that, too. They put an education reporter on the crime beat that night; they all carry .40 caliber Glock automatics. And the poor Sunpapers has few, overworked copy editors.