Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sounds like...

... we're keeping the death penalty but making it harder to apply.
Hassan Giordano: Dems dropped the ball


ppatin said...

Harder to apply? Since 1978 there have been FIVE executions in this state, and one of those was voluntary. How could you POSSIBLY make the death penalty any harder to apply? This "compromise" is insanity and hopefully it'll die in a conference committee.

ppatin said...

Here's a tiny bit of good news:

"According to Miller, and Baltimore County State Senator Jim Brochin the new requirements for the death penalty would not apply to the five men currently serving on death row. Brochin notes that the attorney general's office backs up that claim."

Maybe now that he can claim a semi-victory O'Malley will allow executions in Maryland to resume. I really want to throw a "Vernon Evans is Finally Dead" party.