Saturday, April 18, 2009

65 = Stabbing in Linwood

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Tweet the police: "FATAL STABBING @ Clinton / Fairmont occured around 3am, adult male stabbed in head and chest. 1 Arrest has been made."
That area NE of Patterson Park again... I know it's called Linwood but what do people actually call it?


Unknown said...

It's actually Highlandtown from what I understand. Clinton is the start of Highlandtown, according to the old livebaltimore site.

And when you say Linwood, I think you are referring to Baltimore-Linwood, which, at some point, became Patterson Park. The new livebaltimore site doesn't even include Baltimore-Linwood anymore, which is interesting.

Grand Cards said...

That would be the border of Patterson Park (the neighborhood) and Highlandtown, I believe

Aaron said...

I am a big big fan of the Google Street View for homicide/shooting locations-keep it up!