Monday, April 13, 2009

Doc Cheatham.


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NAACP = National Association of Always Complaining People

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The reporter (who I think has done some good work in the past) is really taking the prosecutor's remark way out of context. He was telling an almost-all-black jury that the officer on trial appears to be as fit and fast as a gazelle, and the victim, about 280 pounds, could certainly not have outrun him--as the officer said he did. The headline writer (probably his editor) then saw sensationalistic value in alleging the prosecutor compared the officer to an African animal.

Now, I don't know this particular attorney, but it's hard to believe that Pat Jessamy, an African-American woman who grew up during the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras here in Maryland, would have anybody remotely racist in her office. And the prosecutor, trying to argue in front of an almost all black jury would certainly not deliberately try to insult or mock them or the officer in this way.

In many respects, this is really a bizarre, ugly case, and we wish we knew more of the back story here.