Friday, April 3, 2009

I Should Hope So

IV: Officer's criticism of fatal shooting of elderly man is free speech, Appeals court rules


ppatin said...

The woman who was with Carl Lackl the night he witnessed a killing allegedly at the hands of Patrick Byers took the stand in Byers' trial.

I wasn't aware of the fact that Carl Lackl was a bit of a crackhead.

ppatin said...

Does anyone know what happened on the 200 block of South Broadway this afternoon? I saw a bunch of radio cars, police tape, and guys in suits who I assume were detectives.

It looks like this was a bad weekend for Fells Point. A man was found shot in the 1600 block of Lancaster Street on Friday.

ppatin said...

Here is the answer to my question from yesterday. It's rather distressing to hear about people getting gunned down in broad daylight in Fells Point. 200 S. Broadway isn't a great area, but it's not supposed to be that awful either. Probably crap drifting over from the Perkins Homes.

ppatin said...

It looks like they've figured out how committed that double murder at the carryout place on 29th & Greenmount last month.

Mothers, this is a good example of why you shouldn't give your kids stupid names like Datwan.

Cham said...

I was doing a search on one of my favorite Baltimore streets last night, Brice Street, and came upon this amazing Sports Illustrated article from 1999 about the life and death from heroin overdose of Big Daddy Lipscomb who played football for the Colts in the late 50s and early 60s. I'm not a big football fan but I read every single page of this. The man died in a rowhome on Brice Street. Once you start reading you can't stop. It gives great insight into the attitude toward violence, drugs and alcohol during that time.

I've never seen a better candidate for rehab, AA, and therapy, and had somebody bothered to get the guy some help he might still be alive today. Instead he was heralded as this big womanizing party animal up to the point he was found dead. Very sad.

ppatin said...

It sounds like yesterday's murder victim in Fells Point was an innocent bystander.