Thursday, May 28, 2009

Helen Holton off the hook!!

Some charges dismissed against the Mayor, entire case against Helen Holton thrown out ("God that can do anything but fail has found favor with this child of his ... HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!")


ppatin said...


Jesus H. Christ, I cannot believe that our elected representatives are that stupid. If Helen Holton gets smited by a thuderbolt for that asinine e-mail that might be enough to turn me into a believer.

Cameron said...

This city is beyond repair. Words can not describe my disappointment with the judicial system in Baltimore. How can any one, in there right mind, believe that screwing a contractor and then giving him millions of dollars in business and tax breaks is not a blatant ethics violation. Not to mention the shopping trips to New York and Chicago that were bankrolled by her contractor boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore's people get the government they elected and deserved.

What I want to cut off is the state of Maryland subsidizing this abortion.

Dingo said...

If Sweeney's opinion is an accurate statement of the law, the law must be changed. How could one ever prove a legislator guilty of corruption if you're not allowed to show what he or she did in return for the bribe?

ppatin said...

Is there any chance this ruling will be overturned? I realize that there's no way to appeal an actual acquittal (unless the judge was bribed) but can dismissals of charges prior to a trial be appealed? Hopefully this judge misread the law and the Court of Special Appeals will smack him down.

Aaron said...

I think the law has to stand-you can't use votes as direct evidence of conspiracy. It interferes with legislative function, what little there is. The vote is the vote, and the reason or motive can't be determined or inferred for legal purposes. That makes sense to me.

If votes could be used as proof of intent, every legislative body in this state would be indicted every year-especially on the Shore and in Southern MD.

This seems like lazy prosecutorial work to me.