Thursday, July 16, 2009


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A decomposing body found slumped in a car in the 3400 block of Lake Montebello drive deemed "suspicious" a homicide. Police first reported that the body had been shot, then Tweeted "Med Examiner working to confirm cause of death. initially reported as shooting, further exam needed" More from a local message board (thanks Sean!) Isn't that near the old O'Malley place?

Police are ISO a woman for the shooting at the 7400 Club in Rosedale (is that what passes for "medium build" these days?)

Oh dear God no! Anything but that! GPS monitoring company "called in for meetings" following teen shooting preschooler mit anklet

Jeffrey Anderson reports on the case of Jonathan Luna: six years later, suicide theories more plausible (via CP)

Ew. Reisterstown man pleads guilty to pimping teens at a truck stop

No-show cop gets Reefers off the hook with the liquor board

Hagtown goth teen Danielle Black found guilty of soliciting dad's murder

What the?! "Soapy, severed bird's head seized at BWI" for the second time! What's that about?


Sean said...

As I understand it, victim was shot in the head and was found lying down in the back seat. From an area blog:

"Deputy Major DeSousa called me today concerning this incident. He wanted to share with the community the car the victim was found in was legally parked, and as such, would not draw attention to itself. The victim was found on the floor in the rear of the passenger compartment, and would
not have been noticed unless someone approached the vehicle and looked inside.

The police believe the victim came to harm at another location and the
car was driven to where it was found. The police do not feel this
incident relates to any of the communities adjacent to where the car was found."

Cham said...

I wonder if those meetings with Lamont Davis's GPS company are going to be open to the public? Probably not.

We've (Baltimore City) had problems with errant GPS devices on people performing criminal acts before. In prior incidents it was found that there are all sorts of bells and whistles on GPS monitors where the GPS company can figure out if a unit is attached to a live human leg or not, but somebody actually has to be monitoring the system and alert the DOJ if the leg and the unit ever become separated.

Perhaps Ahkmed in Mumbai working the late shift didn't give a rat's ass whether Lamont in Southwest Baltimore was wearing his ankle monitor or not.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Yesterday evening Fox reported that Lamont Davis' GPS actually WAS attached, but no one noticed that he wasn't where he was supposed to be.

Cham said...

If Lamont Davis had ventured outside of his approved boundary I am sure the audio alert function on Ahkmed's computer was working properly. Maybe the $0.20/hr wage wasn't enough to keep Ahkmed at his place in the 3rd party subcontractor's call center and instead he was at the time sitting on the curb in the alley behind the facility enjoy a cancer stick and eating a vegetarian curry surprise.

I bet that GPS monitor was on Lamont's leg as well. I'd like to see that RFP from the state describing the requirements the GPS contract and the stipulations about exactly who and what type of employee the contractor would hire to monitor these systems. I bet the entire RFP was/is extremely weak.

I hope that this story doesn't die a quick death, and somebody looks into our state's GPS monitoring program. I bet it will get interesting if we keep an eye on it.

buzoncrime said...

Cham---you're right! I had to laugh when some DJS rep said that the GPS system was the "highest level" of supervision they had!
Um, no: the highest level of supervision is locking him up in a place he can't very easily (if at all get out of). I know that's not fashionable, and that Hickey school was a mess, but then, ya have to wonder: based on the crime described and his record, why wasn't he waived to adult court?
Jayne Miller interviewed his girlfriend on TV, and she said they were sleeping in the house (whose? where?) in bed together, when the cops came and left her minding his 8-month old son alone. And this is a case for supervision in the juvenile system?!
By the way, I was interviewing a nonprofit client recently who was on the box. He showed me his anklet, and then he pulled a walkie-talkie-like monitor out of his pocket to show me. The display said VIOLATION. When I asked if that were a problem, he said no with a shrug of his shoulder. So, why's it sayin' violation if you supposed to be here, etc? Oh, never mind.

Sean said...

The victim by the lake has been ID'd.

Tiff said...

R.I.P "D" love you always & forever lil cous <3<3<3<3<3 Diandre Laron Cherry aka "D"
10/3/83-7/20/09 my favorite male cousin on my mother side.

R.I.P. "TIM" love you always & forever lil cous <3<3<3<3<3
Timothy Antonio Swann Jr aka "TIM"
8/2/80-5/11/08 my favorite male cousin on my dad side.

WE MISS THE BOTH OF YALL SO MUCH!!!! I lost both of my 1st cousins to the streets 1 year apart. When they find out who is responsible I hope they get more than 10 years as for my cousin Tim murder case Harold(B!#*H)received 30 yrs suspended all but 10 and gave him 5yrs probation (B!#*H)

Tiff said...

sorry about the date RIP "DEE" 10/3/83-7/16/09 love you cous