Saturday, July 18, 2009

"a high-tech gimmick"

Well, sounds like the taxpayers of Baltimore city have been boned again, this time by a Nebraska company that took advantage of impulse shoppers at the DJS. I think Cham's editorial sums it up nicely (edited with some links thrown in, you can see the full comment here):

"Ah, we are starting to piece together what happened with young Lamont Davis. He's been guilty of several crimes and has been active within the juvenile justice system for years. Once he received his GPS monitoring device from the fine state of Maryland he was inconvenienced by having to wear an ankle device attached to his leg, but other than that his life continued on unencumbered. He was a criminal punk beforehand and he simply continued to be a criminal punk after he got his device terrorizing his neighborhood. Nothing changed.

From the Sun article today one glaring sentence stands out. last line second page:

•Once the devices are separated by more than 150 feet, the transmitter becomes useless. Offenders don't even need to cut off the anklet to avoid being tracked ...
We can write the rest of this story. Little Raven has 2 bullets in her head, LaMont is getting 30 years, we, the taxpayers, are probably getting to pay for LaMonts long hotel stay and Raven's expensive Shock Trauma experience. iSECUREtrac Inc. will eventually make some lame excuse as to why they are sucking money out of our state and not providing any service, and nobody's head will roll over at the Department of Juvenile justice over this ...

Little Raven is black and poor. It's a shame that she wasn't white and middleclass, that way Nancy Grace would offer to crawl up Lamont's ass and monitor his position from there.


Maurice Bradbury said...

I was curious about Verizon's GPS capabilities so I gave them a call. The woman I spoke to said that 911 was able to track the location of individual GPS phones through the e911 system. (So if you get robbed & your phone is stolen, call 911 asap)
They also have a service called "Chaperone" that lets you track one of the phones on your account and notifies you if it goes out of range. But it sounds like one phone is the "parent" and the other is the "child," you can't just track all of your phones.

Verizon lady, puzzled: "but if you're worried about your phone being stolen, it would be a lot cheaper just to get the insurance."
Apparently the company has not yet embraced the vigilante market.

BomTrown said...

This could have been avoided had the criminal been killed by the people, by the government. We do not have time for crime anymore in Baltimore. Just think how nice it would be to not have a crime problem in Baltimore. Well...gotta eliminate the criminals. They are not going to go away by themselves. Stop allowing criminals to exist and the crime problem will go away. It seems pretty simple. Why are we not eliminating criminals?

anonymous said...

In case you have not figured it out: CRIME DOES PAY.
There is no entity that benefits from crime more than the gov't. Street crime justifies government spending, increased taxation, and massive infringements on human freedom; all favorite delicacies of bureaucrats:

-crime is up we need more cops which entails increased government spending and taxation.

-crime is up we need more cameras which entails increased government spending and taxation.

-crime is up we need to pay the judges better which entails increased government spending and taxation.

-crime is up we need more police cars which entails increased government spending and taxation.

-crime is up we need more prisons which entails increased government spending and taxation.

-and on and on and on and on.

If you are in The "LEO" business and/or the criminal law business and/or the prison-parole-probation business crime, etc. crime is an investment opportunity with endless possibilities. The very last thing the Calvert Street Court Click wants is a reduction in crime despite what they say. The economics of the situation is set up such that the budgets of the aforementioned entities are directly proportional to the levels of crime in their territories.

So in answer to the question "Why are we not eliminating criminals?", I would answer why would anyone kill a goose that lays golden eggs?

Cham said...

The fine city of Baltimore IS eliminating criminals. I had 3 police officers confront me 15 minutes ago as I rode my bicycle in front of the Science Center on an empty promenade. They had big flashlights too, so that the criminal (me) could be identified.

According to my watch it is 11:30PM on Saturday, July 18, 2009. Tomorrow we can check the blotter and see who got maimed, shot, stabbed, robbed or killed at that particular time elsewhere in the city. Well, if anything, the police have the Inner Harbor covered.

Keep up the great work Baltimore City Police!!!!!

MacArthur Media Staff said...

Thomas Paine, I could not have put it any better than you. If only more people could see that there is no true desire to eliminate crime in Baltimore. Why? It's the only growth industry left. And when you think that most of the victims are just poor blacks, who really cares? If that's the price of keeping many people paid and employed, what the hell.

Cham, so glad I'm not the only one who thinks a lot of time and effort of Baltimore Police is wasted on stupid inane activity that doesn't even remotely impact reduction/prevention of crime and violence in this city.

anonymous said...

The power of gov't is inversely proportional to the average level of literacy of its citizenry. Therefore, I contend that the ill performance of the Baltimore Shitty Schools is in no way a mistake. It is a design.

Only in a city where the overwhelming majority of the voters are either illiterates or functional illiterates could the type of sleazy elected officials, like the ones we have, thrive. Illiterate populations are fertile soil for corrupt governments.

If one-half the Baltimore electorate plus one was literate Fat Pat would have to leave the state. Slick Sheila would be somewhere pushing a broom where she belongs. The Alcoholic-Wife Beating-Drunk Driving-Beelefeld Brothers would be in jail; where they belong. And oohhh what a great city this would be.

Remember! For 200 years it was illegal to teach Blacks how to read. Now, it's illegal to teach anyone how to read except the elite, black or white. This concept along with the destruction of the nuclear family is the core and the foundation of ALL government power.

Slave Making 101: Keep the people ignorant, and have the children grow up fatherless. The government is your father. The gov't will clothe you, shelter you, and protect you. Like a master to a slave.

MacArthur Media Staff said...

Bravo, more common sense (pun intended). With plain spoken straight talk like yours, I'm able to share stuff with my readers while I pull out of the government persecution induced slump!

Check this out,