Monday, July 6, 2009

City's biggest-ever drug bust= guilty plea

Ben Nuckols of the AP reports that Trenell D. Murphy, 34, will plead guilty tomorrow to possession with intent to distribute. Murphy was "arrested in February after police recovered 41 kilograms (91 pounds) of cocaine from the bed of his pickup truck -- the largest drug seizure city police have ever made without federal help."


anonymous said...

While the White Organized Racist Media (the W.O.R.M.) brags about ultra drug busts 50,000 Baltimore children a day are having government sponsored psycho-drugs Rettlin and Proziac shoved down their throats. DEVILS! DEVILS! DEVILS!

Sean said...

More like "ThomasPainInTheAss," am I right? Huh? Guys?

Seriously. What are Rettlin and Proziac?

Sean said...

It appears Trenell D. Murphy pled guilty to Possession with Intent in 1999 and then pled guilty to violating probation in 2002. And...

Charges of theft 300+ dropped in 1997.

Guilty plea, carrying a handgun 1999.

2nd deg assault, reckless endangerment charges dropped, 2009.

Possession/distribution charges stetted in 1997.

Handgun & 1st deg assault nolle pros'd in 1998.

2nd deg assault, nolle pros'd 2000

Guilty plea, carrying a handgun, 2000.

Guilty plea, conspiracy, 1992.

Guilty plea, conspiracy and possession w/intent, 2001.

WHEN will the Baltimore police stop framing innocent men?!?

ppatin said...


You'd sound a little less idiotic if you learned to spell Ritalin and Prozac properly.

Sean said...

Maybe they're the generic versions...


Cham said...

ThomasPaine is correct. I'll ask, what is a drug? We say that cocaine is a drug, yet our esteemed pharmaceutical industry cranks out a multitude of mind altering substances with gusto. How different is cocaine from Ritalin or Prozac? Did not many of us spend 3 hours this afternoon watching the memorial service for Michael Jackson? What was the cause of his passing? I'm witnessing my friends die from legally obtained Oxycontin because there are a bunch of medical hacks out there more than willing to write prescriptions. I don't think it is the media that is the devil though, it's us.

Philip said...


Is there somewhere online that you looked up Trennell D. Murphy's record?

Could I look up anyone's criminal record? I've got some neighbors I'd like to check on.

Cham said...

Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Google that.

Sean said...

Yup. It's lots of fun for the whole family!

anonymous said...

It is called creative license. And I just felt like spelling it that way. I fully understood those who could not deal with the subject would choose to deal with the spelling. That would be called intellectual bait, and I caught Sean with it.


P.S. Please excuse my manners! I thank you all for your support.

Sean said...

TP, you crack me up. You really do.

anonymous said...

Hey Sean,
Thank you! Thank you very much!
It's nice to be appreciated.