Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Anonymous said...

I would rather lop my manhood off than read about or support ambulance chasers, shysters, or trial lawyers.

Lawyers force on party to give money to another party and they take their cut. They provide NO input to a society. They are leeches.

Maurice Bradbury said...

"everybody hates lawyers.. until they need one."

.. so how would your manhood prefer that society solve civil disputes then?

ppatin said...

I'm not Mel, but IMO the problem is that our society has become far to overlawyered. Americans are much more litigious than the inhabitants of pretty much every other civilized country, and we also have a much higher lawyer to citizen ratio. Everyone seems to be living in fear of liability & obsessed with risk management.

Anonymous said...

so how would your manhood prefer that society solve civil disputes then?

With common sense. Manhood has nothing to do with it. Lawyers are parasites.

Zero-tolerance laws in schools is a classic example where common sense is gone because of lawyers. A kid brings a pair if scissors to school and gets expelled is ridiculous.

Meanwhile judges and lawyers allow an animal like Calvin Lochner, a child molester, rapist, and aspiring murder walk the streets.

Maurice Bradbury said...

... whose common sense?

John said...

How lawyers are responsible for zero tolerance, I'm not quite sure. Last time I checked zero tolerance policies were implemented by elected school boards.

Once again, how would common sense resolve disputes without a neutral 3rd party to judge? Particularly, if the two parties disagree.

Anonymous said...

Zero tolerance was instituted by elected school boards to avoid the parasites suing them, "John".