Friday, November 20, 2009

Like father like son...

Black Guerrilla Family member Marlow Bates sentenced to 46 months in federal prison. If you may remember, his father, also named Marlow was a notorious Drug Kingpin in the 80's who is still serving out a life sentence in state prison.

And on the subject of Gangs...
Apparently Maryland has the Latin Kings nowadays, as 19 alleged members were indicted federally. From what I read, despite being a major MD gang the local Kings could not manage to actually kill anybody, try as they might.

In murder news;
Two more victims have been identified:
Carron Spruiel, 25, was the man murdered November 15 on Garrison Blvd.

Lykeisha Freeman, 35, was the woman found murdered in the vicinity of all the rapes on November 17 on 900 East Eager St.

Also in the news...
Police rescue a kidnapped 17 yr. old and possibly stopped a would be murder on Wenesday.

And finally...
Trouble in the suburbs, not even street wise New Yorkers are safe on the mean streets of Rodgers Forge.

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