Monday, November 16, 2009

What are they thinking?

This abortion-disclaimer bill thing is just weird. How could that stand up to any kind of legal challenge, requiring a business to post services it doesn't provide? Prohibiting the dispersal of false medical information would make sense, or requiring a center to clearly identify its religious affiliation, maybe. But a disclaimer?
And why is Planned Parenthood worried about abortion access in Baltimore city? It's not exactly South Dakota.
All very odd.


ppatin said...

I once saw a pregnancy resource center that claimed to offer "all options" but then inside there was all this pro-life propaganda. Not exactly an assault on reproductive choice, but it felt pretty dishonest.

Cham said...

Ppatin is right. Some of these "pregnancy resource centers" are actually places that want to talk to pregnant women about giving up their babies for adoption. They aren't interested in talking about any options except the ones that put money in their pockets.