Thursday, January 28, 2010

Speaking of Scary Stalkers

george thompson... the victim's family reports that George Thompson, 37, convicted of attempting to hire someone to murder his wife less than two years ago will be out of jail next month after serving little more than a year. Says the victim's cousin,
BEWARE!!! This FELON will be back on the streets at the end of February. Most likely will attempt to do work in a trade, i.e. plumbing, electric, carpentry. He is NOT licensed!!! Do NOT let him in your home, he is a danger!!!!!!!! please repost and keep your friends and loved ones safe!

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John Galt said...

Here's Fenton's story on grafitti RIPs.

Compelling images, but let's remember the 'artists' have just vandalized others' property, too, so they don't get my sympathy.

Also, what's that bit about 'Only God can judge us"? Oh, no. No, no.

You are very much subject to temporal jurisprudence. They need to be taught this from an early age.