Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stabby stalker shot by cops

.. outside of Union Memorial hospital. The "victim" was wanted on an attempted murder warrant after a stabbing in January outside the Royal Farms store on 36th St. in Hampden.

Murders 7 through 10 in the Ink.

A good question: if O'Malley is against the death penalty, why doesn't he commute the sentences of the five inmates on death row?

Onward & Upward with the Arts
Closing arguments in the federal case against reality star Ronnie "AIDS in Your Mouth" Thomas.

Aiiiee!! the CP's Van Smith pays a visit to the Apex.

Hermann links to Peter Barry's gallery of Baltimore memorial graffiti


ppatin said...

Martin O'Malley doesn't actually care about capital punishment, and he sure as hell doesn't care about the five monsters currently on death row.

When O'Malley was a city councilman, mayor and a gubernatorial candidate he never even brought up the DP, yet once he got in office he pretended it was this great moral crusade of his. Yeah right. It's nothing but political pandering to the thug-hugger wing of his party. Also, he uses the lame excuse that he's against the DP because he's Catholic. Last time I checked O'Malley is also pro-choice, and abortion is a MUCH bigger no-no than capital punishment according to the Catholic Church. If he believed that juicing the inmates on the state's death row would help him politically he'd restart executions tomorrow. Instead he takes the coward's way out, refusing to either carry out the law of the state, or to use his authority as governor to commute any sentences.

At the end of the day though Maryland doesn't really have a death penalty. Hell, Vernon Evans is safer on death row than his son was out on the streets of Baltimore. I hope that the guards at MCAC taunted him after his son was killed. Hopefully he got to feel a small fraction of the pain he inflicted on the loved ones of his victims, but seeing as how he's a cold-blooded, inhuman monster I rather doubt that he did.

ppatin said...

There's also the additional complication that three of the five inmates on death row committed their crimes before life w/o parole became legal in Maryland. If Vernon Evans, Anthony Grandison or John Booth ever actually walked out of prison a free man some day it would be very politically unpleasant for the Boy Governor. See Mike Huckabee & the nutcase who killed those cops in Washington. Definite Willie Horton moment.