Friday, February 26, 2010

Lock your doors when you go through New Northwood at 2 a.m.... man shot during an attempted carjacking


Unknown said...

They're trying to dump more convicts onto the streets of Baltimore.

This is a very, very bad way to save a couple of State dollars. The City is going to have to reach into pocket to pay around $60,000 plus benefits for each 10 hoodlums released.

What we need, in fact, is MORE of them behind bars, not fewer.

Baltimore City ought to demand dollar for dollar reimbursement to its police department for each releasee.

Unknown said...

Could city shutdowns be in YOUR future?

What is necessary and what is not in Baltimore City ??

Anonymous said...

It's just the end result of decades of liberal Democratic party rule. Mix in affirmative action in selecting leadership and you have.....Baltimore.

ppatin said...

More hate for Chubbies.

ppatin said...


If you want another Baltimore-crime related book for your library you could add "A Monument to Good Intentions" which is a history of the Maryland Penitentiary.

Cham said...

I hope that Chubbies owner goes with the BYOB, juices and frothy coffee drinks. And I hope the dancing girls start dancing 24/7. That give everyone exactly what they deserve.