Saturday, March 13, 2010

29, 30? 31?

Alleged high-ranking Young Gorilla shot to death in Charles Village yesterday, 2602 N Calvert St.
Also last night, a serious stabbing at 4409 Maine Ave.

...and early this morning, a suspiciously-dead person found at a gas station at the intersection of West Mulberry and North Greene streets

Congratulations, Desmond "Dazy" Sims, Baltimore's youngest murder suspect so far this year. Dazy is accused of killing 19-year-old Jeffrey Ward to impress the Bloods.

One Anthony Wiggins backed out of a plea deal but admitted guilt, a move that could earn him extra years on his sentence

Mr. Sifrit wants a divorce

Good news, bad news: ex-cop Percel O. Alston is running against Vallario. Bad news, can't find this Alston anywhere on the web, which doesn't bode well for his campaigning or fund-raising efforts.

WTF?! "A Maryland senator and delegate are the targets of a flier that attacks them as "'bagel brain Jews'"


Cham said...

Now I want a bagel.

ppatin said...

More sniveling and whining from Dan Rodricks about the fact that people sentenced to life might *gasp* actually have to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Cham said...

We need to take politics out of prison sentences. If you are violent stay in prison. If you are barely breathing, can't move and don't have any oomph left in you I'm not sure there is any reason to keep paying for your room and board, and your expensive medical problems. I look at this from a practical aspect.

ppatin said...

The Sun has an article about the tenth anniversary of Joseph Palczynski's murderous rampage.