Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Grieving widow" arrested in murder of Towson Hess station owner (at his funeral!)
.. more from the Sun.


Cham said...

I say we are going to see the expected transition from "grieving widow" - "arrested in murder" - "allegedly abused by husband" at an impressive speed. This gal looks like the type to pull out the abuse card.

buzoncrime said...

According to one report I read, she's already mentioned that.
It's really hard to believe that she would think that she could go around asking for people to kill/help kill her husband and think that nobody would say anything about it.
I mean, jeez, the economy's bad, but $9K to kill someone? And apparently, you have to share it with a bunch of other people?
And you have one of the suspects who "went along in the car". To watch? To learn? To amuse himself? What?

I dunno, but now, since he's charged with first degree murder, he will probably learn the words: "plea bargain" and "state's witness". What did he think: this was just like Mixed Martial Arts?

ppatin said...

These high profile murder for hire stories make me wonder what the going rate for a contract killing is and how that rate has changed over the years. Vernon Evans did the Warren House Motel killings for $8k, but that was in 1983 dollars which I assume would be about $15k today. From what I recall the triggerman in the Carl Lackl case only got $2k, if that. Sounds like he got ripped off.

Unknown said...
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John Galt said...

Lest anyone should get too complacent after conviction of Matthew Hooper, it's happening again in tony Tuxedo Park.

Cham said...

This just makes me want to hurl. From the Sun today.

The alleged plot began to unravel when an unidentified witness claimed Karla Porter tried to hire him to kill her husband in December and January, complaining of "marital problems" and an "abusive relationship."