Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The high price of self-defense

There's one to tell the grandkids... first humongously fat Marvin Cook Jr. breaks into 68-year-old William Bozeman's house ... then after Bozeman shoots him, Cook falls on top of Bozeman and bleeds out all over his bed. (Natch, Cook's family says he was "set up by someone")
Small world: Cook once was charged with firing shots at police union head Mark Cherry.

Topically, "The Maryland Senate has endorsed a measure that would protect people from lawsuits if they use deadly force to defend themselves"

and speaking of fat people, AAC police are ISO a Heinie-drinking counterfeiter

Pre-trial blahblahblah in the case of Lamont Davis, accused of shooting 5-year-old Raven Wyatt.

Two arrested for Chaz Village murder of "Young Gorilla" leader

Srlsy? "Marine's father ordered to pay Westboro's court costs"

A man shot in the head in Elkridge carjacking

"No apologies from Dixon" Sunday night


ppatin said...

Five years served for shooting at two police officers? Christ, why not just make attempted murder a misdemeanor.

ppatin said...

Run Bob, Run!

mrdot said...

I'm not fan of Fred Phelps, but that Marine's father should have known better than to sue him. The Westboro cult has been staging provocative protests for years and Phelps and his sons are well versed in first amendment law. They have always been careful enough to stay within what the law protects so you can't shut them up legally.

They are heinously offensive, but are best ignored.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I agree with you.. it's like some loon at the bus stop or road-raging driver-- if you get lured into engaging with them, you've already lost

MacArthur Media Staff said...

Pretty scary, but I applaud Mr. Bozeman's quick thinking and decisive action. Thanks to him, the rest of us won't have to worry about that creep breaking in, shooting at us, or robbing us.

BTW, FOP head is Bob Cherry, not Mark. There are two Cherry's in the department, but I'm sure you already knew that.