Friday, April 2, 2010

Eric Rose has been indicted from the slaying of the security guard James Ball.


John Galt said...

So, back to the original problem with Eric Rose:

given that he's been convicted of armed robbery and he's assaulted people,

WHY was he given an 8 year sentence with 6 years suspended pursuant to a plea bargain, and

WHY did he get supervised probation rather than prison time


WHY when he violated those rather generous terms was he not finally incarcerated so he'd be off our streets,

And finally, WHY was he allowed thereby to be at liberty to kill the security guard when he is a known hazard ???

Cham said...

Because the prisons were already filled with people who had tiny packets of drugs in their pockets and the courts have zero tolerance. There was no room at the inn for Mr. Rose's extended stay for his violent crimes.

John Galt said...


Simple possession gets you drug diversuion or PBJ on a first offense.

What you say might be true somewhere else, but in Maryland the prisons are full of Baltimore offenders, and Baltimore courts are NOT tough on simple possession.

Your advocacy is getting in the way of the truth.

Cham said...

Rather than spend time arguing perhaps we should find out the percentages of the offenses of the Maryland inmates.

John Galt said...

Fine, but you'll have to examine not their conviction, but their charging history, to get at all the higher charges from which they were pled down to CDS.