Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RJR: Drug dealers going to source

CP: "Evidence mounts that foreign sources, including the Los Zetas cartel, deal directly with Baltimore traffickers"

Pub-crawl-stabbing story draws huge reader response at Sunspot.

A stabbing at 3 a.m. this morning in Mt Vernon. And a man shot in the leg, though leg-shootings are so common it seems barely newsworthy

This week's three murders. Apparently it's been the quietest January and February ever!

Jessamy in A-town arguing for tougher gang laws. Whatever.

Sex slaves in MoCo

"The Supreme Court suggested Tuesday it will strike down U.S. cities’ outright bans on handguns."

What the? Family relocated after city trash truck crashes into their home


ppatin said...

An adjunct professor at Towson was fired for making a "racial remark." The Sun's article didn't actually say what the remark was.

I think it's a little pathetic that someone's career could be wrecked because of a few silly words. Sure he should lose his job if he drops the N-bomb repeatedly, but straight out firing someone because of one silly remark? The PC-police are out of control.

Maurice Bradbury said...

yeah I saw that. Well, we have no idea exactly what happened there. Anyone can be an adjunct-- I have been an adjunct. What's most outrage-worthy there is that TU students pay how much a semester expecting a quality education, then get assigned a class taught by some adjunct, usually a doctoral students making like $2000 a class who may well have just gotten an MA six months ago and never taught before. So students end up paying to be some underpaid person's educational guinea pig.

ppatin said...

It said that the adjunct in question had taught at Towson for more than a decade.

I agree that in some circumstances the use of part-timers can be pretty lame, but depending on what you're studying and who they're hiring I think it can be great to get taught by someone from outside of academia. One of the best professors I had was a guy who'd worked in industry for several decades and taught a class or two after retiring because he enjoyed teaching/tormenting us (he was actually a nice guy, but liked to present this scary persona at first.) Then again, that was an engineering class so it was a somewhat different situation.

BTW, I think that Gregory Kane teaches a class at Hopkins as an adjunct. I'd love to take a course with him.

ppatin said...

Random question, but does anyone know what Rod Rosenstein's current status is? Obviously he's still serving as US Attorney, but his first term should have ended this past summer. Did Obama nominate him for a second term, or does he just stay in office by default as long as he doesn't resign or get fired?

Maurice Bradbury said...

Aha, this article explains the TU incident a bit better

ppatin said...

Stupid thing to see, but should he really have lost his job over that? I'd he'd made more than one such comment I'd sack him, but if it was an isolated incident then the dean should've just chewed him out & moved on. Sticks & stones and all that. I wonder if he'd prior run ins with administrators or other faculty members?