Monday, April 12, 2010


(really 46.. but 47th noted here) "An adult male, the apparent victim of a shooting, was also found dead [yesterday] about 8:30 a.m. in the 5300 block of Denmore Ave." .. and three others wounded in shootings over the weekend.

Court records via Hermann: "Youth leader" Angleo Dangerfield shot over pit bull

It's the last day of the 2010 Annapolis session, and the sex offender bill is stalling. Is it just me, but did they not pass a whole lot of anything this session?

... not crime, but dingdong that's a lotta kablingy! Minority contractors score $84.6 million in federal dollars under the "stimulus package"


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised this editorial wasn't posted. It's society's fault our youth are out of control. Shame on you! Get out there and start taking care of someone elses family!,0,5637313.story

ppatin said...

The Baltimore Sun's editorials have become so disconnected from reality that I don't even bother to get annoyed by them anywhere.

ppatin said...

That should be *anymore* not anywhere.

John Galt said...

Regarding the relative's proposition that Ronal Edward Hall is a 'good boy' whom the police are harassing,....

he's been charged with murder before and convicted of attempted murder, drugdealing, and handgun charges in the comission of a crime in '96, plus a laundrylist of other criminal cases.

'He's a nice boy!'

John Galt said...

How many of you read this on the second Greenmount murder this week ?

John Galt said...

Oh, and if Bealefeld really means what he says here about addressing the evil in this community, he needs to deploy large numbers of officers to the Greenmount area on a permanent basis.

That means redefining post boundaries to concentrate dedicated manpower, because this is one dedicated criminal population. Eric Rose, who killed the BofA security guard, is from here as well.

The officers routinely on this patrol are so outnumbered it's ridiculous. So many 911 calls per shift they haven't any time to actually respond to them, just to write them up ex-post facto and then leave for the next one.

All night long.

John Galt said...

Oh, and Agnes Welch doesn't want any of the costs of city programs to actually be borne by anybody.

Guess what,... time to cut entitlement programs and require DPW workers to actually break a sweat.

John Galt said...

And when will someone figure out that costly Rec Centers are mostly very, very underutilized ???

The proposition that they are substantially 'crime-deterent programs' is absurd.

Cham said...

I spent most of the day last Thursday up on Greenmount. I didn't see one cop, none, nado they were nowhere to be found and this was just a few hours after that Afro American security guard was killed.

Then I walked home via the Harbor. 4 cops on bicycles at the amphitheater doing nothing and then the ghettobird in its usual spot directly over my house. The cops are only actually useful if they hang in the area that has the crime. The Baltimore cops are like Dominos pizza delivery, 30 minutes or less.

Sean said...

"Regarding the relative's proposition that Ronal Edward Hall is a 'good boy' whom the police are harassing,....

he's been charged with murder before and convicted of attempted murder, drugdealing, and handgun charges in the comission of a crime in '96, plus a laundrylist of other criminal cases.

'He's a nice boy!'"

John Galt, in Baltimore, that is a nice boy. I mean come on, it's not like he was convicted of dragging a mother 2 miles to her death after stealing her car with her 22-month old baby in the backseat as she was preparing to take the baby to her first day of preschool. Oh, wait, dammit, I keep forgetting, Bernard Eric Miller's ALSO a nice boy. He just HAPPENED to be in the car when it all went down. Oops! That could TOTALLY happen to any of us! Simple mistake. I often find myself in stolen vehicles, dragging women to their deaths while their babies are in the back of the car. Really, that's like a slow weekend for me.

Those damn police, always harassing poor kids... Really, a shame.

John Galt said...

Oh, and this from wjz on the shootings in Better Waverly.

The businesspeople have been telling the Po Po that it's getting hot around there for a while, but the police don't seem to take it seriously until someone's dead.

That's indicative of poor government.

Maurice Bradbury said...

well for pete's sake Galt, what should they do with that info? Drive around with a giant bullet-attracting magnet?

John Galt said...

Sheila D.

Why I stole it (if I stole it).

And that Ronald Lipsomb needs to Stop F#@king Snitchin', yo.

John Galt said...

No, no, they have names.

Names of prior offenders who have been nul prossed and/or plea-bargained down on gun charges.

Very, very specific stuff.

They just haven't dedicated the necessary manpower, because the city's hard up for cash and every neighborhood is claiming the limited police manpower.

Anonymous said...

It seems all so simple that if the city would concentrate on lowering crime and lowering taxes, people would actually want to live here. And they would contribute to the tax base and improve city living. I cannot grasp why these simple concepts elude our leaders.

John Galt said...

The essential problem is this:

We know the problem people, we tell the police. By name, address, and parole/probation number.

This area is chock full of problem people; over 100 in a 16 square block area.

But how many officers do we have on that post? two guys in one car.

Question: what is the average number of parolees/probationers per sworn officer in other parts of the country?

Answer: about 10

The officers in Waverly zip in their car from one disaster to another all night long. That means they can only write them up, not do anything about them.

Not enough manpower.

If one were serious, one would...
have an officer on every other corner here.

That's what you see tonight, but only because of the two recent murders.

Give it two weeks and we'll be back to two guys, one car, for the whole post, all shift long.

And that means 80% of the hoodlums can do whatever they want here. You just wait for the Po Po to round the corner; then you know they won't be back for 40 minutes, so you're in the clear.

Hello,... it takes real manpower to straighten out a nasty ghetto. And I don't mean for a week.

Question: what is the City really prepared to commit to? Are they willing to do what it takes, or just what sounds good for the moment.

Waverly has been waiting for an answer to that for 25 years.

The officers are also quite frustrated, because even when they do have good charges, they get plea-bargained or just nul prossed away, because the State's Attorney cannot handle the size of its criminal docket.

And meanwhile, in Circuit Court, Marcella Holland has declined the legislature's offer of an additional judge.

So, basically, we're not doing the job in Criminal Justice, ... but we're not getting ready to change that anytime soon, either, so just get used to it ??

John Galt said...

Anon, these city leaders have gotten very comfortable with the notion that Baltimore is a haven for parasites.

They are, even now, fighting for the rights of most of our population, including the nonprofits who own over a third of the otherwise taxable base, to not be subject to taxes, but receive costly entitlements just the same from a municipality that cannot afford them. (budget debate)

Baltimore City has handed out around $300 million in grant funds each year for the past few, money that could otherwise pay for actual, necessary & essential services, like policing which is proportionate to the ambient criminality in a given neighborhood.

Why? Because thousands of unemployable, exconvict-related wretches command more votes than a bunch of private sector workers, who always seem to make unreasonable demands that their homes not be burgled nor their kids assaulted in school.

And keeping these folks in City Hall is the only real objective, even if Baltimore dies.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I actually had a nightmare last night about being in a rowhouse and someone broke in, I was trying to call the police, could get through, got put on hold, then finally getting through to someone who was totally indifferent while the perp was trying to break the door down in the room I was in.. glad to wake up from that one, a little too real.

John Galt said...

Try calling 311 police nonemergency -

you'll get Lisa Allen exhorting you for a few minutes to file a census form so her bosses will get more baksheesh from D.C. -

and if you're still there at the end someone might take your call, but only up until 10 p.m. -

after which time I suppose you just draw the curtains closed and sigh.

John Galt said...

Hope it wasn't anything important, Hon.

Cham said...

The notes on the envelopes of the census forms the federal government keeps sending me are getting a little caustic as the weeks go by. The one today said that by not filling out the form I am in violation of some law. I didn't read the whole thing because it landed in the trash before I could finish it.

Cham said...

Now that it's over, I think we have way too many lobbyist in Annapolis. They manipulate the state legislature and the constituents don't have a chance. We've tabled, the wine shipments, the alcohol drink tax, the blow-a-meters for alcoholic drivers, and we ended up with a $1.5 billion shortfall. The cell phone ban ended up being only for a secondary offense and a $40 fine, it shouldn't be that light.

How much do we pay these people and for what?