Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lamont Davis Convicted

... of attempted murder for the shooting of Raven Wyatt

What the?! Foster mother rejected by DHR for not serving pork

What the?! MD's speed cameras not catching enough violators to earn their keep

and WTF? Toxic waste from mobile meth labs blights highways


ppatin said...

Lamont Davis turned 18 today. Happy birthday you piece of shit!

Unknown said...

Now we just have to worry about the judge giving him a light sentence. This is the same judge that offers bus money and a snack bar to the defendant's babies' mother. Maybe...just maybe she will send a message to the miscreant youth of the city.

ppatin said...


If I were a betting man I'd say that Davis will get a life sentence. There are two things I'm worried about. First, the Court of Special Appeals could overturn the verdict for some reason or another. Unlikely, but you never know, and I'm guessing the issues with the witnesses in this case provide more of a basis for an appeal than in most trials. Second, judges in MD still have the authority to quietly modify sentences several years down the road. That's one thing that needs to be changed immediately. There have been a lot of examples of defendants getting life, but then a few years later the idiot judge agrees to a sentence modification down to something like twenty or thirty years, which leaves the hoodlum eligible for parole almost immediately.

Cham said...

Apparently the money and the snack bar worked. I'd rather have Mr. Davis in prison where he belongs then be ahead by $3.20 and a couple of candy bars.

I also want GPS devices that work on those that have agreed to ankle monitoring. I want to know where these people are every minute of the day, no confusion. That way if they commit a crime the track line will put them at the scene. If they didn't commit a crime they can prove that too. If that ankle monitor was working that way we wouldn't have had to waste the money on an expensive trial and waste a bunch of people's time. Oh, and we wouldn't have had to hand out bus fare neither.

Anonymous said...

Oh and a little girl may not have been reduced to a vegitative state for life.

Cham said...

Not exactly, Anon. Raven would still be a cripple for life no matter whether the ankle monitor was working or not. From what I gather from the news media, the GPS monitoring company was sending alerts to the Juvenile Detention Program that Mr. Davis was leaving his home. In fact, they had a record that Mr. Davis left his home over 100 times while on the monitoring program. The Juvenile Detention Program didn't care. Really, why should they care? They JDP employees were getting paid, getting healthcare benefits and a retirement package. Whether someone was monitoring Mr. Davis or not didn't really matter. In fact, keeping track of Mr. Davis would have constituted something like work, and that takes time and effort. One should never expend time and energy on anything when you don't have to. Had we, the taxpayer, been able to tie performance to job retention the Juvenile Detention Program might work slightly differently.

John Galt said...

Pay for merit ??

In Baltimore ??

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.