Wednesday, September 15, 2010

.. here we go

Tweets Fenton: UPDATE: Tricia Bishop reports that Jessamy camp claiming that 6 to 10,000 votes are unaccounted for.. more to come

... Tricia Bishop says Jessamy claims cards are missing for six districts


ppatin said...

If Jessamy magically closes the gap with "missing" votes I am going to be VERY suspicious.

Winston Smith said...

You knew this was coming after what happened last night at the board of elections with a senior US congressmen showing up at 1AM to check out the results of a city election and the elections guy having no answers about missing cards.

Maurice Bradbury said...

what senior US congressmen?

Winston Smith said...

Eliajah Cummings, as you would expect after his commerial endorsements.

Winston Smith said...

Fenton was all over this last night(via twitter):
Larry Gibson just walked in, now with Elijah Cummings looking over figures, discussing w someone
about 16 hours ago via ƜberTwitter