Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sluts n' Mullets

Eight murders this week, says the CP

The trial of mulleted murder suspect Dennis Testo continues, and TDR's Danny Jacobs has more on "no body" cases

Police are ISO suspect in Hampden store robberies

Clerical error almost cost inmate 14 extra years on his sentence

Oh, great: "Willie Featherstone is a sexual predator, but he keeps getting out of prison."

Rilly? says Baltimore's income growth is 3rd-highest in the nation.

ps. what's better than this blog? This blog en francais!


Unknown said...

Nice to see the Baltimore City DPW employee that managed to claim "sick leave "while in prison, has gotten what was coming to him.

Shame his mother and all the other Baltimore city cronies who allowed this to happen are not joining him.

Bruce Garrett said...

Income this because jobs are paying better in Baltimore now, or because more Washington area workers are living in Baltimore because housing is less costly.