Monday, October 11, 2010

eine kleine Nachtwunde

A guy stabs two at Oktoberfest

Four or five murders this weekend: adult male and Park Heights and Shirley; Daryll Hood, 22, 4700 block of Shamrock Avenue; Travis Lane, 29, found dead on the 3500 block of Calvert Street; Dennis Waddell, 1600 block of Warwick Avenue; James Ingram, 3000 block of Presbury Street; and a suspiciously dead guy in a vacant in the 800 block of North Fremont Avenue.

UM professor to review Baltimore police arrests

Smoochy lesbians ejected from Ravens game (ps. happy coming out day to our more closeted readers!)


Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Hey Indigo Girls: It's a football game, not the Lilith Fair.

The Last Somnambulist said...

Hey Toby Keith: it's America, not a monastery